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Offices & Services

Building & Facility Services


Building & Facility Services

230 East Berrian Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Knox College Building & Facilities Services operates the campus Warehouse and Central Stores, oversees surplus property, and handles pickup, delivery, and receiving of shipments to the College.

Receiving & Delivery

Campus Pickup and Delivery
Faculty and staff may request pick-up or delivery of items to other locations on campus. The service is handled by Casual Labor student employees working out of the Warehouse. Requests should be submitted at least a day in advance to Campus extention x7251.

Deliveries to Knox College may be received at the Warehouse depending on arrangement between purchasers and vendors.

Stores & Property

Central Stores
Supply center for building services and custodial personnel operated from the Warehouse. Students living in College houses may obtain their cleaning and bathroom supplies from Central Stores.

Surplus Property
A fluctuating stock of equipment and furnishings no longer needed by a particular office or department of the College. Departments are encouraged to utilize surplus property to meet their equipment and furniture needs where possible. Surplus property also arranges for periodic liquidation of equipment and furnishings no longer perceived as having value to the college operation.

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