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Trees by Tennis Courts

Work Order Categories

Students gather under a yellow umbrella on the Gizmo Patio.

Carpentry - General carpentry needs, furniture repair, windows, flooring roof, leaks, approved a/c installation towel dispenser replacement/install, window blinds and curtains, gutters, downspouts, locks, and door hardware.

Casual Labor - Moving of furniture, file cabinets, delivery of UPS, FedEx, USPS packages. Delivery of copy paper, raising/lowering of bed heights. The height requested must be marked.

Cleaning Supplies - Cleaning supplies, toilet paper, trash, and recycling bags.

Concrete/masonry - Sidewalks, and masonry repairs/replacement.

Custodial/cleaning - Light bulb replacements. Cleaning of offices, suites, classrooms, restrooms, kitchens, spill cleanups. Snow/ice removal from steps, stoops, and entryways.

Electrical - Light bulb replacement is performed by the custodial staff. Power outages, indoor/outside lighting repairs, tripped breakers, fire alarm system troubleshooting/replacement, smoke and CO detectors, and elevators.

Grounds - Trees, snow, ice, and critter removal.

Heating Plant - Heating issues, air conditioning, exhaust systems, refrigeration, ice machines, freezers, coolers, Dining Services kitchen equipment, and College owned refrigerators only.

Laundry machines - Washing machines, dryers, change machines, bill changers. Please provide the machine number if possible.

Painting - General campus-wide painting, wall repair, and graffiti removal both indoor/outdoor.

Pest Control - Insects, birds, and mice inside of the buildings.

Plumbing - General plumbing, sinks/faucets, toilets/urinals, hot water, plugged drains, water leaks, swimming pool, and sump pumps.

Special event setups - Tables, chairs, room setups, and special event needs.

Special events needs - Special events such as Graduation, Homecoming, Open House's, Trustees, Flunk Day.

Trash/recycling - Trash, recycling, and confidential bins pickups.

Vehicle Maintenance - Campus service vehicle repairs and maintenance.

Vehicles - Service/repairs to College-owned equipment (no rental vehicles) such as service vehicles, Gators, mowers, and other College-owned equipment.

Vending machines - Drink and snack machines.

Knox College

Printed on Saturday, February 24, 2024