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Large Vehicle Use Policy


Facilities Services Office

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401


A view of campus from above.

1. These vans do not handle like normal-size cars because they:

    • have high centers of gravity with an increased rollover risk;
    • have a larger turning radius; and,
    • have a much longer stopping distance.

2. Everyone must wear seat belts. (Approximately 80% of those who died in these vans during the last decade were not buckled up.)

3. Never exceed 10 passengers.

    • Reserve 10 passenger vans whenever possible.
    • If not possible, reserve a 14 or 15 passenger van with the rear seat removed.
    • If the rental company will not remove the rear seat, DO NOT USE the rear seat for passengers.

4. Load equipment as far forward as possible and NEVER on the roof.

5. Drivers are prohibited from using cell phones when driving.

6. Safe Driving Tips:

    • Drive defensively to protect yourself and your passengers.
    • Do not exceed the speed limit.
    • Do not drive if you are tired.
    • Keep your mind on the road.
    • Be alert to driving conditions, including weather.
    • Keep following distance to at least one vehicle length per each 10 mph.
    • Use all mirrors for changing lanes. Move your head to check in rearview mirror for vehicles in your oversized blind spots.
    • Do not use abrupt steering maneuvers.
    • Use extra caution and reduced speeds when exiting a high-speed highway on a slow-speed exit ramp.
    • When parking, avoid backing up whenever possible. If backing up is necessary, first check the area behind the van.

7. Enjoy your trip, have a good experience and stay safe.

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Printed on Wednesday, September 27, 2023