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Career Development On-Demand

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NOW is the right time for Career Planning!
The Bastian Family Career Center is now offering Career Development On-Demand, an exciting and interactive way for us to provide valuable career development to your student organization, residence hall, team, group or department. You give us the specifics, and we will do the rest!

To organize an On-Demand career development workshop, all you need to do is complete the online Career Development On-Demand Workshop Request form, and we will contact you to arrange the details.

Who is This For?
First-year, sophomore, junior, and senior students are invited. Any group on campus is able to take advantage of Career Development On-Demand. Whether you are a large registered student organization with 50 members, a smaller just-getting-started group of 15, or a group of 10 friends in the same major, we will present a workshop for you. The perfect thing for sororities and fraternities as well!

When & Where?
You tell us! We would love for your group to see where the Bastian Family Career Center is, observe first-hand its resources, and become more comfortable with its environment. If that's not feasible, let us know where on campus you meet, and we will be there. If you prefer, we can reserve a space for your group, just let us know. Our schedules are somewhat flexible - we can usually work with you.

We have a variety of workshop topics to choose from. They include, but are not limited to:

Career Development 101: So Many Options, So Many Services
Find out what services we provide as we walk you through the resources you can utilize as you choose a major, find the perfect internship, land the dream job, or prepare and apply to graduate or professional school.

Can't Be a Rock Star? Find Majors and Careers Right for YOU!
Haven't declared a major? Don't have a clue about future careers? Choosing a major involves career research and self-exploration. We'll give you resources and tips to make informed choices. Learn how to explore your options and take steps down career paths that are right for YOU!

Find a HOT Job in a COOL Economy
Ever done an informational interview? Know how to tailor your resume to specific positions? We'll share these and other strategies to find the position you want. Market your skills appropriately and reach those in a position to help or hire you. Take your job search beyond the basics!

Interviewing Essentials
Do interviews make you nervous? Learn the best strategies for confident interviewing. We'll discuss interview styles, the tough questions, and strategies that can set you apart from other applicants. You'll even get a chance to practice. Be confident in your next interview!

Volunteering Opportunities for Students
Volunteering while in school is a great way to build your resume, explore careers, make connections, and find yourself. But where do you look? What's out there? Pros and cons? Learn about the Center for Community Service and other possibilities.

Make Career Fairs Work for YOU!
Know how to approach a recruiter? Career fairs are an excellent opportunity to network with prospective employers, and preparation is the key! Discover what to do before, during and after internship or career fairs. Jump-start your job or internship search today!

Networking -- It Really IS About Who You Know!
In a competitive job market, your people connections are one of the most important parts of your job search process. Develop your own personal networking plan using these strategies. Networking doesn't have to be difficult -- feel confident making professional contacts and gathering resources!

Resume Writing--Put Your Best YOU on Paper!
Want your resume to land in the YES pile? Learn how to effectively communicate your particular skills, interests and experience to an employer. Learn what needs to be included and discuss what best sells you for the job.

Need a workshop you don't see listed?
Contact our office...we are happy to schedule a group presentation or make a one-on-one appointment for you.

Plan now for your career success!

To take advantage of Career Development On-Demand simply complete this online form and we will contact you to arrange the specifics.

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Printed on Monday, December 11, 2017

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