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Sitka Salmon Shares Marine Sustainability Internships

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The Sitka Shares Marine Sustainability Internships are intended for students who are passionate about environmental stewardship, natural resource management, sustainability, fisheries, or social entrepreneurship. In 2017, the two internship opportunites are:

1. Sitka Conservation Society Tongass Wild Salmon Conservation Intern

Knox College and the Sitka Conservation Society invite applications for the Tongass Wild Salmon Conservation Intern. The intern will spend their summer in Sitka, Alaska, assisting SCS and their partners, such as the U.S. Forest Service, with their fish and wildflife habitat restorations projects, salmon conservation efforts, and habitat education and outreach. This summer internship will provide a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to build hands-on, career-oriented experience with a dynamic and well-established conservation society situated amidst the largest temperate rainforest in the world. Visit:

Application deadline is April 15.


  • Work under the supervision of the Executive Director at the Sitka Conservation Society.
  • Assist with various wild salmon outreach and education projects - specifically as apart of a team producing a film with the U.S. Forest Service on Tongess Salmon Managagement. Work in this project will include logistical support, project coordination, social media outread, assisting field crews in shoots in the field and on fishing grounds.
  • Provide logistical support for watershed restoration activities including placement of large woody debris, monitoring activities, census efforts, etc.
  • Blog, photograph, and write about experience that documents work being done.
  • Assist with additional restoration work with the U.S. Forest Service.
  • Have fun in Sitka, the most beautiful (and sometimes rainy) place on earth!


  • Enrolled at Knox College and an interest or background in conservation biology, ecology, natural resource management, social justice, sustainability, or related majors or fields.
  • Ability to quickly understand complex issues and must work well in collaborative, independent, and public environments.
  • Ability to work independently on assignments.
  • Experience and/or willingness to travel and camp in the wilderness will be considered. This position includes working as part of a team at remote field sites.
  • Skill sets related to photography, writing, strategic use of social media, and other communications-related skills.
  • Upon completion of the internship, provide a written 1-2 page summary (submitted to the Career Center) of his/her summer experience.


  • Early June - Early September 


  • Reimbursement for travel to and from Sitka, $1,000 (receipt required).
  • Stipend of $1,500 to help cover living expenses will be provided.
  • Additional $1,500 in living expenses will be covered by the Sitka Conservation Society.
  • Shared housing will be provided.

To be considered for the Sitka Conservation Society Tongass Wild Salmon Conservation Internship, submit to the Bastian Family Career Center by April 15:

  1. Resume
  2. Application form (PDF)
  3. Brief description (1-2 pages) indicating why you are interested in this internship
  4. Degree Audit and Unofficial Transcript (on on the Registrar's page under Student Tools).

2. Alaska Marine Conservation Council Summer Outreach Intern

Sitka Salmon Shares and the Alaska Marine Conservation Council invite applications for a summer outreach intern. AMCC's summer outreach intern will be an important team player who brings added capacity, energy, skill, and vision to help advance AMCC's mission. Specifically, this internship will provide critical capacity in the continued expansion of AMCC's multi-faceted Working Waterfronts Program and our Catch of the Season community supported fishery. Our Working Waterfronts Program employs an innovative approach to fostering small-scale fisheries, community sustainability, strong local food systems and long-term conservation in coastal Alaska. Our work directly harnesses the energy of the local foods movement in order to raise awareness and appreciation for the role of Alaska's small-boat fishermen in the sustained health of our state's economy and food systems. Through education, outreach, and applied market efforts, this internship will help to deepen connections amongst seafood harvesters and consumers, chefs, and restaurants in a manner that not only strengthens Alaska's food systems and contributes to community and environmental sustainability, but nourishes future generations of successful and sustainable fishing businesses for Alaska's future.

Description of Organization

Formed in 1994, Alaska Marine Conservation Council (AMCC) is a community‐based organization dedicated to advancing an approach to conservation that recognizes that healthy ecosystems are the foundation of strong local economies and lasting cultural traditions in coastal Alaska. Our overall goals are to: 1.) safeguard marine ecosystems through targeted policy measures that protect habitat, minimize bycatch, prevent overfishing and foster a diversity of marine life; 2.) promote clean, community‐based fishing opportunities that help sustain working waterfronts; and 3.) advance awareness and understanding about ocean acidification among fishery-dependent communities as the necessary basis for citizen-action on solutions. AMCC's also operates a social enterprise that connects Alaska consumers with locally caught seafood in a manner that generates social, environmental, and financial benefits. We are a medium-sized nonprofit organization with 10 staff members. Our main office is located in Anchorage, Alaska and we have staff also in Kodiak, Sitka, and Seward. Find out more about our work and who we are at

Positon Location: Anchorage, Alaska

Application deadline is April 15

Duties & Responsibilities

• Support the functioning of AMCC's Catch of the Season community supported fishery, especially our summer salmon sales including: responding to inquiries from customers, tracking orders, assisting with placing of orders, assisting with logistics for seafood delivery/pickup etc.
• Spearhead and manage logistics for 2-4 summer outreach activities/events showcasing local, sustainably caught seafood and highlighting the importance of community fishermen to stewardship of our fisheries. This may include booths at the farmer's markets, seafood throwdowns, and cooking events.
• Assist at other outreach events by setting up and staffing booths/table on behalf of AMCC at other summer events including Salmonfest, Salmon Daze, Wild Salmon Day, and others as needed.
• Coordinate volunteers to help with local food/outreach events and with Catch of the Season.
• Assist with creation of social media content throughout the summer related to events and local seafood sales including for Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
• Answer telephones and provide general organizational and administration support as needed during the summer, such as watering plants, taking the recycling, updating media lists, and checking the general AMCC email.
• Learning opportunities for this position include: social enterprise, seafood business, dynamics of fishing communities, fisheries and marine policy, role of sustainable seafood in food systems, nonprofit functioning, conservation issues in Alaska and more.
Intern Qualifications:
• Educational background should be in: communications, marketing, business, environmental studies, food systems or related field. Relevant course work or equivalent work experience will be considered.
• Maturity and ability to successfully travel to, live and work in a distant, new place (like Alaska!).
• Outstanding communications skills, experience and comfort working with spreadsheets, detail-oriented and highly organized.
• Outgoing people-person, able to interact effectively and energetically with the public and to effectively and strategically communicate with a variety of individuals. Customer service and/or sales experience a plus.
• Ability to work independently and as a team, and handle responsibility for events and projects.
• Demonstrated commitment to conservation and progressive causes.
• Willingness to travel within the state and be outdoors for potentially long periods of time during events when conducting outreach.
• Physically able to lift 30-40 lb. boxes; clean driving record and ability to drive a small cargo van.
• Ability to commit to completing the full length of internship.
• Upon completion of the internship, provide a 1-2 page summary (submitted to the Career Center) of his/her summer experience.


• Early June through early September


• Reimbursement for r/t airfare to Anchorage, Alaska (Flight to be reimbursed by Alaska Marine Conservation Council)

• $4,500 summer stipend to be used for housing and living expenses

To be considered, submit to the Bastian Family Career Center by April 15:

1. Resume
2. Application Form (PDF)
3. Brief description (1-2 pages indicating why you are interested in this internship
4. Degree Audit and Unofficial Transcript (on my.knox on the Registrar's page under Student Tools).

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