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Fall Institute

A fall sunset from the west side of Ford Center for the Fine Arts

Kick off Fall Institute at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, October 21, with a presentation by Cecilia A. Conrad, Vice President, MacArthur Foundation Fellows Program in Harbach Theatre. Read more about the event.


2nd Period: 9:20 a.m. - 10:30 a.m.

First-Year "Class-Specific" Session - Explore
Presenters: Members of the Student Senate Exec Board and Student Leaders

Have questions about Knox, about classes, about the various clubs, about how things happen at Knox? Join this informal session for first-year students and learn more about the Knox campus. Attend the session and enter to win fabulous prizes and t-shirts!

GDH, Room 303, 2nd Period

Community Arts Education: Dance and Civic Engagement
Presenter: Kathleen Ridlon, Assistant Professor of Dance, Coordinator of the Center for Community Service, and McCormick Strategic Civic Leader Fellow

A fun movement class to experience dance as an activity for building community. Kinesthetic learning will be emphasized as we link our movement styles to social identities and to development of our emotional intelligence. You may have an opportunity to later participate in other community outreach sessions offered in the Galesburg School District to emphasize connections between artistic endeavors and civic engagement.

Auxiliary Gym, 2nd Period

Experiential Learning: What is it?
Student Panel Moderated by Professor Jonathan Powers

What is EL? What are you supposed to do? What have other students done? With the right planning, experiential learning can be a valuable part of your Knox education.

GDH, Room 105, 2nd Period

Study Abroad: How? Where? Why?
Presenter: Professor Robin Ragan, Director of the Stellyes Center for Global Studies

Hoping to study abroad? Without the proper planning and timing, you could find yourself staying back in Galesburg. This workshop explores the many study abroad opportunities available at Knox.

CFA, Kresge Hall, 2nd Period

Order of Omega: Things About Greek Life
Presenters: Members of The Order of Omega Honors Society

This Greek Honors Society will discuss how scholarship, leadership, and service are ingrained into Greek life, and how students can keep those ideas in mind as they go forward into winter term recruitment. This informal session is about Greek life responsibilities and ideals.

GDH, Room 103, 2nd Period

Post-Grad Options for International Students
Presenter: Rebecca Eckart, Assistant Director of International Student Services

Hear about options for F-1 visa holders after they graduate. Options include: pursuing a graduate degree; using Optional Practical Training (OPT) to remain in the U.S. to work in a field related to one's field of study; or returning home.

GDH, Room 203, 2nd Period

The Medical School Application Process for Juniors & Seniors
Presenter: Professor Judy Thorn and Mary Jane Shroyer

Find out more about the MCAT, AMCAS, and the medical school application process.

Wilson House, 2nd Period

3rd Period: 10:40 a.m. - 11:50 a.m.

Sophomore "Class-Specific" Session - Focus
Presenters: Members of the Student Senate Exec Board and Student Leaders

This is a pivotal year as you will make some important decisions, including what to major in, whether or not to study abroad, and how to spend your upcoming summers in ways that complement your academic life. Join this informal session for sophomore students and learn from your peers. Attend the session and enter to win fabulous prizes and t-shirts!

GDH, Room 203, 3rd Period

Richter Grants, ASSET Program, and Fellowship Advising, Oh My: The Vovis Center for Research and Advanced Study Has Opportunities For You
Presenter: Mariangela Maguire, Interim Director Vovis Center for Advanced Study

Come learn how to apply for Richter Grant funding for your research, creative work, and experiential learning goals. Also, find out more about the Artists, Scientists, Scholars, and Entrepreneurs of Tomorrow (ASSET) - the program formerly known as Ford. Finally, come get information about the post-graduate fellowships the Vovis Center can help you pursue.

Old Main, Alumni Room-1st

Startup Term - A New Immersive Term Developed By the Computer Science and Business Departments
Presenter: Professors Jaime Spacco, John Spittell, and John Dooley

Join us to learn more about this exciting new course designed by the computer science and the business departments.

SMC, Room A-219, 3rd Period

MANDATORY for Ed Studies Majors Planning to Student Teach during Fall 2015 or Winter 2016
Presenters: Professor Diana Beck and Professor Joel Estes

REQUIRED for anyone majoring in Educational Studies or who plans to student teach in Fall Term 2015 (Aug-Nov 2015) or Winter Term 2016 (Dec 2015-Mid-March 2016). Those currently student teaching Fall Term 2014 need GDH, Room 303, 3rd Period need not attend.

Field Studies in Tanzania
Presenters: Professors Jennifer Templeton and James Mountjoy

The ACM Tanzania: Ecology & Human Origins program offers adaptable students the exciting opportunity to conduct fieldwork in some of the world's greatest paleoanthropological and ecological sites, and to immerse themselves in Tanzanian language and culture. This program is best suited for students with an interest in Animal Behavior, Ecology, Environmental Studies, Geology, Medical Anthropology, and Archaeology.

SMC, Room A-107, 3rd Period

12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.

The Majors Fair
Presenters: Representatives from Various Academic Departments

All students are invited to stop by and learn about the various departments and majors that Knox has to offer! Representatives will be happy to answer questions about their department and chat with you about courses and prerequisites.

Seymour Hall, Gallery, 4th Period

One Community Lunch
Participants: Faculty and Staff

All faculty and staff are invited to stop by and enjoy lunch as part of the Knox community.

Seymour Hall, Gizmo Patio, 4th Period

5th Period: 1:20 p.m. - 2:30 p.m.

Junior "Class-Specific" Session - Plan/Refine
Presenters: Members of the Student Senate Exec Board and Student Leaders 

This is an important year as you make progress on your major, choose a minor, and think about ways to complement and enhance your academic experience. Some will study abroad this year which will allow you to grow as a student and person in ways you have not yet imagined. Others will begin working relationships with faculty that may culminate in a research project next year. Attend and enter to win fabulous prizes and t-shirts!

Wilson House, 5th Period

Social Justice Dialogues at Knox
Presenter: Tianna Cervantez, Director of Multicultural Student Advisement

Learn how students can impact social change by understanding the identities (race, gender, class, faith, sexual orientation, etc) that we hold and how our socialization of those identities impact three areas: how we see ourselves, how others see us, and how we communicate those differences. We will discuss the new course sequence at Knox as well as participate in some introductory activities around understanding your identities.

Old Main, Common Room-2nd Floor, 5th Period

MANDATORY Study Abroad Application Workshop for Students Planning to Study Abroad Any Time Next Year
Presenter: Robin Ragan, Director of the Center for Global Studies

All students planning to participate in a Knox approved or student initiated study abroad program during the 2015-16 academic year MUST ATTEND this workshop. We'll explain the application procedures and answer your questions.

CFA, Kresge Hall, 5th Period

Kemper Scholars Program for First-Year Students
Presenter: Professor John Spittell and Current Kemper Scholars

The Kemper Scholars Program prepares students for leadership and service, especially in the fields of administration and business. The program promotes a liberal arts education while providing opportunities for career exploration, practical experience, and professional growth. Kemper Scholars receive significant financial assistance, summer project and internship assistance, and mentoring. Each year Kemper awards a scholarship to one student from each participating institution. Applications are available to first-year students only.

Seymour Union, Taylor Student Lounge, 5th Period

Study, Internship and Research Opportunities in Germany
Presenter: Professor Todd Heidt

This session will introduce students to opportunities in Germany - some of which require just 100-level language preparation. We will discuss our partner institution (University of Flensburg), where Knox students have taken coursework in areas as diverse as German Culture, Philosophy, Environmental Studies, and Textile and Fashion Design. We will also discuss study abroad opportunities in Berlin with IES. Feel free to come and request information on Fulbright awards to Germany and Austria, research and internships in Germany, and more.

GDH, Room 104, 5th Period

Writing Compelling Personal Statements
Presenter: Paul Marasa, TRIO Achievement Program Writing Coordinator

Personal statements can be the key to admission to a graduate program and bear more weight on admission decisions than you might think. Learn what you need to know to make your statement compelling and effective.

SMC, Room E-117, 5th Period

Biochemistry Pathways
Presenter: Professor Janet Kirkley

A major or minor in biochemistry can open many doors. Learn more about the academic program and where your studies in biochemistry might lead you. Topics include graduate and professional school options as well as career paths.

SMC, Room A-112, 5th Period

Undecided Majors Workshop - Mortar Board Info Session
Presenters: The Adelphi-Gnothautii Chapter of Mortar Board

Come learn more about the variety of majors and minors Knox has to offer. Upperclassmen from a variety of majors will be there to answer questions.

Old Main, Alumni Room-1st Floor, 5th Period.

Computer Science Opportunities
Presenters: Professors David Bunde, John Dooley, and Jaime Spacco

The CS department will provide examples of what you can do with a CS major or minor. We will also provide an overview of our classes and the requirements. Aimed at first-years and sophomores.

SMC, Room A-219, 5th Period

6th Period: 2:40 p.m. - 3:50 p.m.

Senior "Class-Specific" Session - Launch
Presenters: Members of the Student Senate Exec Board and Student Leaders

This year will be exhilarating and, at times, demanding. You will feel a mix of things - memories that stretch back to your first year as well as the anticipation of the future. Join in conversations with your classmates and share stories that may help the person sitting next to you! Attend and enter a drawing to win fabulous prizes!

Old Main, Alumni Room-1st Floor, 6th Period.

Interested in A Career in Teaching?
Presenters: Professor Diana Beck and Professor Joel Estes

This meeting is for those interested in teaching, but not yet a declared major.

GDH, Room 303, 6th Period

All Abroad! A Life-Changing Experience in Besancon, France
Presenters: Professor Anne Steinberg and Professor Caesar Akuetey

Hear about the experience of being abroad, the unique characteristics of the city of Besancon (location, courses taught by CLA, host families for the 1st month) and the various excursions/activites the programo offers.  Aimed at first-years, sophomores, and juniors.

GDH, Room 304, 6th Period

U.S. Health Care and Health Insurance for International Students
Presenter: Rebecca Eckart, Assistant Director of International Student Services

Learn about the health care system and insurance in the U.S.; how to enroll in an insurance plan, and what to do if sick or injured. Information is intended for international students.

GDH, Room 103, 6th Period

A Career Path in Art and Art History: What to Do After Knox
Presenters: Professors Greg Gilbert, Lynette Lombard and Tim Stedman

Have an interest in Studio Art or Art History? Wondering where it might lead you? Faculty from the Art and the Art History departments will answer your questions at this workshop with an emphasis on applying to graduate schools, museum internship opportunities, and summer art programs.

CFA, Room 208, 6th Period

Preparing for Medical School for First-Year & Sophomore Students
Presenters: Professor Judy Thorn, Mary Jane Shroyer, and Associate Dean of the College, Lori Schroeder

Get started on the right track in your academic preparation for medical school. You will also learn about the early admission program at George Washington University.

Wilson House, 6th Period

Work That Matters - Journey of a Peace Corps Volunteer and Peace Corps Prep Program Info
Presenters: Peace Corps Volunteer & Recruiter, and Professor Robin Ragan, Director of the Center for Global Studies and Coordinator Peace Corps Prep Program

Peace Corps recruiter share stories and experiences and why it challenges you and changes your life. Also, Knox Corps Peace Corp Prep Program Coordinator, Robin Ragan, will talk about the program at Knox. Learn about benefits which come from international volunteer service, and advantages it's to this program. Bring your sense of adventure to this session which will conclude with a Q&A.

GDH, Room 105, 6th Period

Barcelona and Buenos Aires Programs
Presenter: Professor Fernando Gomez

In this informational meeting, you will learn all about the Knox programs in Barcelona and Buenos Aires.

GDH, Room 203, 6th Period

All You Need to Know About An English Major
Hosted by the Knox College English Department

This session is particularly for undeclared or recently declared majors/minors in English Literature or Creative Writing. Both practical and philosophical advice available!

Old Main, Room 315, 4 p.m.

3:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m.

Graduate and Professional School Fair
Hosted by the Bastian Family Career Center

Join us at the annual Graduate and Professional School Fair. Representatives from over 50 graduate programs will be on campus. All students and faculty are welcome to stop by and talk with school representatives. Student will learn about admissions into their programs, their institutions, and info about the application process for the typical candidate.

Seymour Union, Lincoln Room, 3:30 - 5:30 p.m.

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