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Guiding Principles


Office of Academic Assessment

Borzello 128, K-Box 190

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Academic Assessment at Knox College

Mission: To improve student learning through assessment.

Academic assessment seeks to answer the question "Does student learning reflect the learning goals set forth by the college, the program and/or the course?" through the systematic collection and analyses of student learning data throughout their educational journey at Knox College. These data, in turn, inform faculty instruction.

In order to meet our mission, the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment may collect student artifacts for assessment purposes and/or assist departments and programs in the collection of artifacts. These artifacts may include, but are not limited to, student papers, creative works, test performance, projects, and videos of student presentation.

The collection and use of student artifacts are governed by guiding principles. These are:

  • While both graded work and the means by which grades are awarded may be used for assessment purposes, assessment of student work is separate from the grading process. 
  • Assessment data are reported in the aggregate, and not at the level of the individual student.
  • Student work is assumed to reflect the student's best effort, and is treated with respect.
  • Student confidentiality is respected throughout the assessment process. 

Students are informed of the assessment of student artifacts through an Assessment Acknowledgment Form completed during New Student Orientation each year. 

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Printed on Monday, December 11, 2023