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FP Assessment


Office of Academic Assessment

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Elements of FP

  1. The course should address a broad theme or topic, i.e., a "big question" explored from a range of perspectives. The aim of the course is NOT to introduce students to academic disciplines
  2. The course must be Writing Intensive.
  3. The course must be discussion- rather than lecture-based, teaching students the skills of listening and speaking. 
  4. The course must nurture critical thinking.
  5. The course must address academic integrity through consideration of intellectual honesty and instruction in proper annotation.

FP Learning Goals
By the end of the course, students will be able to:

  1. write a short essay that, with clarity and accuracy, presents a convincing argument or analysis;
  2. contribute to class discussion, demonstrating careful listening to others as well as close reading of the assigned texts; 
  3. demonstrate habits of critical thinking in their contributions to class discussion as well as in their written work; 
  4. demonstrate an understanding of the meaning of "academic integrity" as it applies to academic work, including proper citation.

Assessment of FP is completed annually. The past five years of FP Assessments are found here. More information? Contact Leah Adams-Curtis, Director of Assessment.

FP Assessment 2011 Password protected

FP Assessment 2012 Password protected

FP Assessment 2013 Password protected

FP Assessment 2014 Password protected

FP Assessment 2015 Password protected

Note: These documents are password protected and available only to Knox faculty and staff.

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Printed on Friday, July 20, 2018