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FP Assessment


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As an essential component of the First Year Experience, FP addresses components of the following learning goals for the first year experience:

At the end of the first year, students will be able to:

Display habits of sound critical thinking in discussion and written and oral communication through effective listening, oral presentation, and writing skills. 

Articulate the value of an intentionally conceived education and show an understanding of what constitutes academic integrity.

Understand their college as a place to explore new ideas and a safe environment in which to take intellectual and creative risks, encountering differing points of view with civility and respect and engaging with issues of power, inequity, and social justice. 

FP Learning Goals

Students who complete First-Year Preceptorial will be able to:

  1. write a short essay that demonstrates careful reading of assigned texts, advances an argument, and employs proper citation;
  2. contribute to conversation in a way that exemplifies habits of critical thinking and respect for those who hold opposing viewpoints;
  3. examine and critique structures of power and inequity through reflecting on diverse cultural perspectives and personal experience;
  4. demonstrate ethical integrity, not only as a producer of academic knowledge but as a member of all their communities;
  5. articulate an initial conception of what it means to pursue and possess a liberal arts education.

Assessment of FP is completed annually. Recent FP Assessments are found here. More information? Contact Michael Schneider, Dean of the College.

FP Assessment 2011 Password protected

FP Assessment 2012 Password protected

FP Assessment 2013 Password protected

FP Assessment 2014 Password protected

FP Assessment 2015 Password protected

FP Assessment 2016 

FP Assessment 2017 

FP Assessment 2018 

Note: These documents are password protected and available only to Knox faculty and staff.

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Printed on Monday, December 11, 2023