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Mcnair program

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Students gather under a yellow umbrella on the Gizmo Patio.

Current McNair Projects

Comic Books as Access to Mental Healthcare
Angel Blanchard
Mentor: Dr. Gabe Raley, Knox College

What the Shape of Nsopharyngeal Cells Affected by Alcohol Tells us About our Health
Ikenna Ozor
Mentor: Dr. Esther Penick, Knox College

Feminist Therapy and its Effects on Emotional Loneliness in Men
Brooklyn Plogger
Mentor: Dr. Chris Holland, Knox College

Speech Registers and Code Switching
My!a Boyd
Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Anderson, Knox College

ACL Injuries in Student Athletes Referring to Jumping Mechanisms
JJ Hacker
Mentor: Dr. Nick Gidmark, Knox College

Sustainable Buildings for Low Income Communities
Song Li
Mentor: Dr. Ben Farrer, Knox College

Contemporary Analysis of Aventura on First Generation Latinx Youth
Kari Quintana
Mentor: Dr. William Hope, Knox College

Latinx: Gender Neutral Spanish and the Usage of this Inclusive Language
Monica Cardoza
Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Anderson, Knox College

Improving the Functionality of Anthocyanins as Food Dyes
David Zavala
Mentor: Dr. Gregory Friestad, University of Iowa

The Structure of Negation in Osaka Japanese
Arjun Moore
Mentor: Dr. Jonathan Anderson, Knox College

Though there is a lot of literature on the linguistics of Standard Japanese and certain dialects of Japanese, there is relatively little written about negation in the language and even less so on how this differs in Japanese dialects. There are many informal books on Japanese dialects and how verbs are negated. However these books are not academic descriptions of these dialect. Through my research I hope to fill this gap. In my research I will be focusing on the morphophonological differences in negation between Standard Japanese and the Ōsaka dialect. Standard Japanese is based on the dialect spoken in and around Tokyo. The Ōsaka dialect of Japanese is spoken in the city of Osaka and the surrounding Ōsaka prefecture. It shares many similarities with the surrounding Kyōto, Mie, and Kōbe dialects. It is part of the Kinki group of Japanese dialects which are spoken in the Kansai region of Japan. In my research I will examine the differences in conjugations of verbs from all six verb groups in Japanese I will focus on how certain tenses are conjugated in Standard Japanese and how this differs in Osaka. Through this examination I expect to find differences in the morphophonology of verbs in the two varieties.

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Printed on Saturday, June 22, 2024