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Current McNair Research


McNair Program

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999



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Current McNair Scholar Research

  • "The Water in My Heart has Fallen: Cambodian Refugees and Mental Health" By Soko Cheng and mentored by Nancy Eberhardt
  • "'Being Brown': How Colonialism and Racism guide Identity Formation in Spanish Caribbean" By Yasmine Davila and mentored by Tianna Cervantez
  • "The Moral Outrage Scale: creating a measure of how strongly one person believes another's action to be wrong" by Tricia Duke and mentored by Sara O'Brien
  • "From Civil War to Street Gangs: El Salvador's Immigration Crisis" by Judith Espinoza and mentored by Karen Kampwirth
  • "Intonation and the Identification of African American English (AAE)" by Sasha Gurzakovic and mentored by Jon Anderson
  • "Running the Rat Race: How Health Supplements Affect the Developing Memories of Juvenile Rats" by Max Jones and mentored by Esther Penick
  • "Gene Expression in Drosophila melanogaster: Green fluorescent protein and control elements (enhancers) in development of fruit flies" by Sherry Mei and mentored by Judy Thorn
  • "Investigation of Copper Catalysts Supported by Diimine Ligands using Stepwise and in situ Methods" by Diego Morones and mentored by Helen Hoyt
  • "'To make Freedom Real' : An exploration of political methods in Literature"  by Katana Smith and mentored by Chad Simpson
  • "Generalized Anxiety Disorder among Latinos: The Effects of Stigma and Age on Treatment" by Isabel Temosihue and mentored by Sara O'Brien
  • "Latin(o)(a)(x): A study of Gender Socialization and its Effects on Young Adult Identity" By Dianell Vega and mentored by Gabe Raley
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Printed on Thursday, February 20, 2020