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D. Miscellany

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Purple pens given to campus visitors

Support Services and Miscellany

V. D. 1. News of Academic Activities of Faculty and Students

The Office of Communications needs news on academic activities, particularly news reflecting credit on Knox, its faculty and students. Information is sought on curricular developments, research, grants, honors, etc. The Office is responsible for developing the information into material suitable for publication in college publications such as the Knox Magazine or for release to the press.

V. D. 2. Faculty Emergency Fund

The Faculty, by occasionally voting an assessment of $1.00 upon each member, maintains this fund. The fund is disbursed by the Secretary of the Faculty for such courtesies as purchase of books in the Library as memorials and messages of sympathy at funerals for members of the families of faculty or staff.

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Printed on Friday, July 20, 2018