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C. Political Activities

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Support Services and Miscellany

The College is subject to judicial and IRS rulings, the Federal Election Campaign Act of 1971, Federal Election Commission regulations, and additional state laws regarding political activities. Conduct which violates these laws and regulations not only can jeopardize the institution?s tax-exempt status, but also can involve other risks, including government lawsuits and investigations.

The College and its faculty provide programs for students, including internships, forums and speakers, study groups, class assignments, and field placements, intended to provide opportunities for engaging contemporary issues and for interacting with the men and women who shape politics and public policy. It is entirely consistent with the College's educational mission, on a non-partisan basis, to stimulate and nurture student interest in public service in its broadest sense.

Faculty who sponsor such activities as part of the educational program of the College should ensure that the events/activities are defined in ways that do not create the perception that the College endorses or supports any particular candidate for public office (e.g., the College cannot determine which candidate?s campaign a student may have an internship with). Faculty with questions about proposed activities should contact the Dean of the College.

Knox College employees may not use campus offices, telephones, addresses, mailboxes, or Knox letterhead in support of any political candidate or campaign. Employees may not deliberately publicize or otherwise exploit their relationship to Knox College in order to benefit a partisan political cause.

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Printed on Monday, January 22, 2018

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