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A. Salaries

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Salaries and Benefits

Faculty Handbook Revision Effective September 2001

IV. A. 1. Salary Payments, Deductions, Advances

Salaries are paid in equal monthly installments over the period of the appointment year that runs from September 1 to August 31. Salary checks are distributed at the end of each month by the Business Office, or, at the option of the payee, may be deposited directly to one of the local banks. In exceptional circumstances small advances on the salary of the month may be made. All such advances require the approval of the Dean of the College.

All deductions from salary show on the check stub. These include withholding of federal and state income taxes, the employee?s contribution to social security, retirement, and other fringe benefits. Questions should be addressed to the Director of Personnel in the Business Office.

IV. A. 2. Determination of Salaries

Each year the Board of Trustees specifies the amount of money that may be allocated for increases in salary to continuing faculty members. The President, with advice from the Faculty Personnel Committee and the Dean of the College, decides general policies for the allocation, e.g., the basic raise for a satisfactory performance in each rank.

The Dean and the Faculty Personnel Committee each make salary recommendations to the President. In determining their recommendations they review recommendations of department chairs, evaluations of teaching by students, and scholarly and other professional activities. The various recommendations are discussed in a joint meeting of the Dean and Faculty Personnel Committee with the President. The final decision on salaries rests with the President. Questions concerning the substance of the evaluation should be addressed to the Dean.

For the criteria for evaluation of faculty, see Faculty Handbook Section III. B.

IV. A. 3. Salary Review Schedule

Salary reviews usually follow approximately the schedule below. It should be noted that the calendar is advisory in nature since there is no mandatory notification date for salaries in the College By-Laws.

  1. By November 1. Dean distributes to all faculty members requests for curriculum vita updates (CV Updates) on their professional activities in teaching, scholarship/creative work, and other service to the College.
  2. By January 5. Faculty members submit requested CV updates in three copies, one to the Dean of the College, one to the Chair of the Personnel Committee, and one to the department Chair. (If the faculty member has submitted materials for a formal contract review or promotion consideration, no additional CV update need be submitted.)
  3. By February 1. Chair's evaluation forms are completed and returned to the Dean and to the Chair of the Personnel Committee. (Note: The chair's evaluation form is not required when a complete departmental evaluation is available as part of a renewal or promotion consideration.)
  4. During April or May. President, Dean, and Faculty Personnel Committee meet to confer on individual faculty salaries.
  5. In April or May. The President makes the final decision on individual salaries.
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