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J. Appointment Year, Outside Employment

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Faculty Personnel Policies

The appointment year normally runs from September 1 to August 31.

"During the academic year when service is performed in residence, or when on a sabbatical, a full-time member of the Faculty shall not engage in other regular remunerative activities without written permission of the President" [Knox College By-Laws, Article VI, Section 1. b. (4)]. This provision includes receipt of stipends under research grants. Requests for permission should be made to the Dean of the College.

When the College is not in session, once the faculty member discharges all the obligations normally associated with the academic session (e.g., grading, chair's reports, course preparation), the specific obligations to the College cease. It is expected that each faculty member will use the remainder of the appointment year for such activities of professional renewal and development as seem to be most appropriate, and to carry out such additional duties for the College as the faculty member accepts.

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Printed on Friday, July 20, 2018