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G. Part-Time Faculty

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Faculty Personnel Policies

III. G. 1. Terms of Appointment

The terms of appointment of individuals who do not have full-time teaching duties vary with the nature of the individual's other assignments, if any.

Faculty who do not have full-time teaching duties are not automatically eligible for tenure.

V. G. 2. Continuing Non-Tenure-Track Appointments

The College recognizes that quality of the educational program is best assured through a teaching staff of full-time tenured and tenure-track faculty. At the same time, special conditions in certain fields of study or other circumstances may result in the College being best served through the creation of a non-tenure-track position. The College will make such appointments sparingly and with great care that they not reduce the number of tenured and tenure-track faculty. Non-tenure-track positions shall be subject to the following:

  1. The College will occasionally make non-tenure track appointments above the rank of Lecturer. Such appointments are in addition to the existing full-time non-tenure-track appointments (e.g., Theatre, Music). These appointments must involve no less than half-time and no more than five-sixth-time teaching. In making such appointments, consideration must be given to the enrolment justification for the position, its role in enriching the curriculum, the credentials and professional potential of the candidate; and may include other potential benefits to the College. The continuing non-tenure-track FTE may not exceed 5 percent of the full-time permanent faculty positions of the College.
  2. Such appointments are possible only after an initial appointment as a visiting faculty member or lecturer. The Department or program involved will propose the conversion of a Visiting faculty appointment to a non-tenure-track appointment to FASCom, which will make its recommendation to the Dean of the College. The President has final authority to approve the conversion.
  3. Faculty holding continuing non-tenure-line positions are eligible for fringe benefits and for professional development support available to full-time faculty (conference travel and research support). They are expected to meet the standards for tenure-line faculty for teaching. Expectations for scholarship and/or creative work and institutional service will be proportional to the FTE scope of the appointment. While at the rank of Assistant Professor, they will be eligible for a research leave; once promoted to associate professor, they are eligible to participate in the sabbatical program, with options as indicated on the chart below.

    Sabbatical options for non-tenure line positions
    (Percentage of salary received for each option)
    Normal loadTeach 4Teach 3Teach 2Teach 1Teach 0
    5 courses100%83%75%66%50%
    4 courses 100%83%66%50%
    3 courses  100%75%50%

  4. For appointments at the rank of Instructor or Assistant Professor, multi-year contracts are issued and subject to review through the regular procedures defined in the Faculty Handbook (sections on "Criteria for Evaluation of Faculty" and "Evaluation of Untenured Faculty").
  5. The duration of the period of service prior to consideration for promotion to Associate Professor will be specified when the conversion is initially established. That decision will be based on a consideration of the candidate's degree status and experience at Knox and other institutions, and determined by the Dean in consultation with the faculty candidate and the Department. The regular procedures for promotion review will apply.
  6. After eight years in rank as Associate Professor, faculty in continuing non-tenure-track positions are eligible for review for promotion to the rank of Full Professor. The regular procedures for promotion review will apply.
  7. For purposes of salary adjustments, faculty in continuing non-tenure-track positions will be included in the annual review for continuing full-time faculty conducted by the President, the Dean, and the Faculty Personnel Committee.
  8. If the College should decide to terminate a continuing non-tenure-track position after its incumbent has earned the rank of associate or full professor, at least one-year notice must be provided to the faculty member.
  9. The incumbent of a continuing non-tenure-track position may decide to apply for a tenure-track opening at the College without jeopardizing his/her non-tenure-line position. Should the candidate be successful and accept appointment to a tenure-track position, the non-tenure-line position is considered vacant.
  10. When such positions are vacated by their incumbents--either through resignation, appointment to a tenure-line position, or non-renewal of contract--the Departments/Programs do not enjoy the presumption of reappointment.

III. G. 3. Governance

All individuals with faculty rank as defined by the Board of Trustees (instructor, assistant professor, associate professor, professor) are members of the faculty. Current Faculty Regulations make no distinction based on full and part-time teaching or employment in eligibility to vote in faculty meetings or to serve on standing committees of the faculty.

Teachers with less that half-time appointments are usually designated "lecturer." That title, depending on the qualification of the individual, may be the equivalent of any of the normal faculty ranks. However it does not convey membership in the Faculty for the purposes of the governance of the College.

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