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F. Tenure, Termination, Resignations, Retirement

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Faculty Personnel Policies

III. F. 1. Tenure

According to the Knox College By-Laws, teaching members of the faculty shall have permanent or continuous tenure at Knox College when tenure has been voted by the Board of Trustees, or when the faculty members have been employed on a full-time basis at the rank of instructor or above for seven years at Knox College, unless, prior to the completion of the last year of service, they are notified of the termination of their services. (See Knox College By-Laws.)

Individuals granted faculty rank who do not have full-time teaching duties are not automatically eligible for tenure. This category includes both part-time employees, and those full-time employees who have other duties such as administration or coaching.

III. F. 2. Termination of Service

For the complete statement on termination, see Knox College By-Laws.

  1. Expiration of contracts. Term appointments may be terminated on expiration with due notice to the faculty member.
  2. Termination for cause. For procedures governing termination for cause, see Knox College By-Laws, Article VI, Section 2. b. (2).
  3. Financial exigency. Termination of a permanent or continuous appointment because of financial exigency of Knox College shall be determined by the Board of Trustees and shall be demonstrably bona fide.

III. F. 3. Resignations

Every effort should be made to complete negotiations with other institutions early in the academic year prior to leaving the College. Except in special or emergency cases, resignations to accept other employment should be tendered no later than May 15. To make due consideration and timely notice possible, responsible institutions in the United States agree not to make offers of appointment to continuing faculty at other institutions after May 1.

In general, faculty members should keep their departments and the Dean informed concerning the progress of negotiations for employment elsewhere.

III. F. 4. Retirement

Faculty are eligible to retire if they have reached the age of 55 and have a minimum of ten years of service at the College. Faculty considering retirement should consult with the Dean of the College at least a year in advance, and should also consult with the Director of Personnel regarding benefits.

Upon retirement, the Faculty Personnel Committee will consider the faculty member for promotion to Emeritus/a status. Retired faculty may be hired for an occasional course when such hiring is to the benefit of the College and the individual.

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