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D. Evaluation of Tenured Faculty

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Faculty Personnel Policies

Faculty Handbook Revision Effective - September 2001, distributed via e-mail and posted on the website
Distributed again via e-mail ? October 2006

III. D. 1. Promotion to Professor

The rank of professor must be earned. It does not come automatically with longevity. The record must show not only a strong performance as a teacher but also, and especially, the equality and quantity of scholarship to be expected of a full professor and senior member of the College faculty.

Evaluation is begun after an informal discussion of the Dean and the chair of the department (or other senior members if the candidate is the chair). Usually this discussion is initiated by the chair, but may be initiated by the Dean or at the request of the Faculty Personnel Committee. If this informal discussion indicates a reasonable probability that the individual is read for promotion, then the formal process is begun. The minimum length of service at the rank of associate professor prior to consideration for promotion to full professor is usually six years. Obviously if the record of scholarship and teaching is not particularly strong, promotion would not come at this early date.

The procedures for evaluation for promotion to professor are the same as those used for evaluation for tenure.

III. D. 2. Other Evaluations

The Dean or the Faculty personnel Committee may seek thorough evaluation of a tenured member of the faculty from time to time to assess performance or progress.

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