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C. Evaluation of Untenured Faculty

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Faculty Personnel Policies

Faculty Handbook Revision Effective - September 2001, distributed via e-mail and posted on the website
Distributed again via e-mail ? October 2006

III. C. 1. Renewal of Appointment

The status of non-tenured faculty members is reviewed prior to decisions on renewal of appointment. For those with full-time teaching duties the notification deadlines established by the Board of Trustees are: by March 1 for those in their first year of full-time service at Knox; by December 15 for those in their second year of full-time service at Knox; by July 1 before the final year of appointment for anyone who has served for at least two years at Knox (as specified in the Knox College By-Laws). These deadlines do not apply to those with less than full-time teaching duties to whom faculty rank has been granted.

At each review, an attempt is made to assess the likely quality of the future professional performance of the individual. During the probationary period the College expects to see a promising development of the individual as teacher and scholar. At each renewal, particularly during the fourth year of service, the question is asked whether that development is of a quality which is consistent with an eventual award of tenure. However, while the question is asked (and normally must be answered positively for renewal), an interim renewal of appointment does not imply that tenure will be granted at a later date; a decision to deny tenure can in no way be foreclosed by earlier renewals of appointment.

III. C. 2. Promotion

Promotion from instructor to assistant professor is always considered by the President when an instructor completes the doctorate or appropriate terminal degree.

Promotion from assistant professor to associate professor is always considered as part of the evaluation for tenure.

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