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A. Initial Appointments

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Faculty Personnel Policies

III. A. 1. Authority to Appoint

Appointments to the Faculty are made by the President, under authority delegated by the Board of Trustees. Decisions by the President on faculty personnel are made after receiving recommendations from the Dean of the College and the Faculty Personnel Committee. Knox is an equal opportunity employer. (For the College?s Policy on Non-Discrimination, see above, Section II. E. 1.)

III. A. 2. Hiring Procedures

Since the nineteenth century Knox College has worked to attract some of the best qualified faculty members in the country. The College is especially committed now to recruiting among the most highly qualified those who are women and members of other groups underrepresented in higher education.

The procedure leading up to an appointment normally is as follows:

  1. department consultation with the Faculty Affairs Subcommittee regarding departmental and the College?s curricular need;
  2. recommendation by FASCom to the Dean and President regarding the appointment;
  3. authorization of the faculty search by the President;
  4. appointment by the Dean of a search committee, almost always chaired by the department chair, and including one or two faculty from outside the department;
  5. consultation of department chair with Dean regarding appropriate advertisement of opening and solicitation of applicants, including identifying and attracting minority candidates;
  6. screening of applicants and creation of an affirmative action log; screening may include telephone interviews or meetings scheduled at national scholarly conferences;
  7. review, with the Dean, of the top candidates and of all those known to be female or minority candidates;
  8. campus interview of the top one, two, or three applicants, authorized by the Dean; the interview involves department members, students, the Dean of the College, and the President, and, if appropriate, other faculty members and/or representatives of the Faculty Personnel Committee;
  9. consultation between the chair of the search committee and the Dean about the strengths and weaknesses of the candidates? ability to contribute both to the department and the College, followed by a recommendation to the President;
  10. authorization by the President; offer made by the Dean.
  11. report to the Affirmative Action Officer by the search committee chair of steps taken to identify and recruit minorities.

III. A. 3. Terms of Appointment: Rank and Duration

Initial appointments of full-time teachers with a Ph.D. or other appropriate terminal degree are normally made at the rank of assistant professor and for the term of two years. A subsequent contract is usually for three years, and again renewable for two years.

If the individual has not yet completed the appropriate degree, the initial appointment is usually made at the rank of instructor. A faculty member who has not completed the required final degree is expected to do so prior to the time for consideration of renewal of the second one-year contract. A faculty member shall not serve at the rank of instructor for more than two years, except upon special recommendation of the President.

A teaching member of the faculty shall have tenure at Knox College when so voted by the Board of Trustees. If tenure is to be granted, it will be voted before a faculty member completes seven years of full time employment at Knox College at the rank of instructor or above.

Appointments of those who do not have full-time teaching duties but who are granted faculty rank are not governed by the rules for appointments of those with full-time teaching duties.

(See the section of the College By-Laws on "Faculty" for further details.)

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Printed on Sunday, July 15, 2018