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D. Other Matters

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Academic Responsibilities and Professional Obligations

II. D. 1. Curriculum Development

Proposals for new courses should first be discussed with various interested parties, e.g., departmental colleagues, those in other departments with similar interests, and the department chair and the Dean, who must consider the overall curriculum and all staffing obligations. All new courses require the approval of the department chair and of the Curriculum Committee. Forms for requesting approval may be obtained from the Registrar's website: Special topics courses are temporary offerings for special purposes. Unless a specific limitation is set, regular courses are approved until approval is cancelled.

Faculty are encouraged to develop courses appropriate to their abilities and the needs of students.

II. D. 2. Scholarship; Institutional Service

For the official statement of responsibilities of faculty members for scholarship and institutional service see Faculty Handbook Section III.B., ?Criteria for the Evaluation of Faculty.? Questions should be addressed to the Dean.

II. D. 3. Convocations

It is the responsibility of faculty members to take part in the academic processions that occur during the academic year. The regularly scheduled processions are at the opening convocation in the fall and at Commencement. Faculty members are asked to inform the secretary to the Dean of the College when circumstances necessitate their absence. (With sufficient advance notice, the rental or purchase of caps and gowns may be arranged through the Bookstore.)

II. D. 4. Investigations Involving Human Subjects

Knox College accepts the principle of careful supervision of all demonstrations, investigations, and research involving human subjects in order to assure adequate safeguards for the subjects. The Protection of Human Subjects Board was established to review all proposals for such investigations. Any questions about principle and procedure should be taken to the chair of that committee or the Dean. (For further details, see Appendix C--Policy Concerning Investigations Involving Human Subjects.)

Under various laws and regulations, an investigator has a personal responsibility in the conduct of research and personally is liable conduct that fails to meet official standards applicable to the activities in which the investigator is engaged.

II. D. 5. Knox College Drug and Alcohol Policies

Knox College, as a recipient of federal funds, must abide by the Drug-Free Workplace Act of 1988 and the Drug Free Schools and Communities Act Amendments of 1989. For the full text of college policies on drug and alcohol, see the Appendix G.

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Printed on Friday, July 20, 2018