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F. Committees

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Organization of the College

I. F. 1. Standing Committees of the Faculty

The membership and duties of the standing committees of the faculty and the procedures for election and appointment are defined in Faculty Regulations F. 4-10.

The elected standing committees are (with references to the section of Faculty Regulations defining membership and duties):

Executive, including the Faculty Affairs Subcommittee
Faculty Personnel
Budget and Financial Priorities

The appointed committees are:

Academic Standing
Admission, Retention & Placement
Broadcast, Internet & Publications
Campus Diversity
Campus Environment
Cultural Events
Curriculum - Subcommittees: Assessment, Policy, Implementation
Committee on Faculty Resources
Honor Board
Institutional Review Board
Instructional Support
Student Life

I. F. 2. Other Committees, Subcommittees, and Boards

Institutional Planning and Priorities Council.

The Institutional Planning and Priorities Council, which is advisory to the President, identifies and develops new planning initiatives, monitors and coordinates budgets, and recommends funding priorities. Specific responsibilities include:

  • Review annually a five‐year budget assumption model developed by the Vice President of Finance, including tuition, room, board, and other revenue and expense increases or reductions for approval by the President and the Board of Trustees. The model should reflect institutional funding priorities and budgetary guidelines consistent with strategic institutional plans.
  • Make recommendations regarding the College's budgetary processes.
  • Recommend allocation of resources in the best interest of the institution and as determined by the College's strategic planning initiatives.
  • Coordinate efforts with campus community to assure adequate resources for strategic initiatives.
  • Communicate with campus constituencies regarding budget and planning.

Membership: The Institutional Planning and Priorities Council is chaired by the President, or designee, and consists of: the Vice President of Academic Affairs/Dean of the College, the Vice President of Finance, the Vice President of Enrollment, the Vice President of Information Technology, the Vice President of Advancement, the Vice President of Communication, the Dean of Students, the Director of Human Resources; faculty on the Committee on Budget and Financial Priorities; three staff; and three students.

College Honors Subcommittee.

A subcommittee of the Academic Standing Committee. Duties: to execute, on behalf of the parent committee, the duties in relation to the College Honors Program. Membership: Associate Dean of the College, two faculty members, one student. Appointment, by the chair of the Academic Affairs Committee, for terms of one year.

Teacher Education Committee.

The Curriculum Committee acts as, or may create, a teacher education committee to review matters concerned with the preparation of students for certification as teachers.

Off-Campus Study Committee.

A subcommittee of the Curriculum Committee. Duties: to advise on matters relating to off-campus programs; to review policies concerning academic qualifications of students for participation in off-campus programs; to review the evaluation of those individual student applications that raise unusual academic problems; to refer important policy issues to the Curriculum Committee. Membership: appointed by the Curriculum Committee.

Honor Board.

The Honor Board investigates all cases of alleged violations of the honor system, determines guilt or innocence, and specifies the punishment. (For further details, see Faculty Regulations and the Student Handbook.)

Conduct Council.

The Conduct Council deals with student disciplinary cases except those involving academic dishonesty (handled by the Honor Board) and discrimination or harassment (handled by the College's Grievance Panel). (For further details, see Faculty Regulations and the Student Handbook.)

Honorary Degrees Subcommittee.

This subcommittee of the Advancement Committee of the Board of Trustees includes a trustee who is a member of that committee and the President, as well as three faculty members chosen by the Trustee Executive Committee. The terms ordinarily are for three years. The Subcommittee recommends candidates for honorary degrees to the Board.

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