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D. Faculty

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Organization of the College

I. D. 1. Definition

All teachers holding the rank of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, and instructor are members of the Faculty. The President, the Dean of the College, the Dean of Students, the Registrar, and the Director of the Library are also members of the Faculty. (See Knox College By-Laws, Article VI, Section 3.a.)

In addition to the Faculty as defined by the Trustees, teachers with less than half-time appointments may be appointed by the Dean of the College as "lecturer." That title does not convey membership in the Faculty for the purposes of governance of the College.

I. D. 2. Responsibilities of the Faculty

By delegation from the Board of Trustees, the Faculty as a whole has the responsibility for regulation of educational policy concerned in the requirements for any degree-in-course authorized by the Board of Trustees. This responsibility includes such matters as standards of admission of students, definition of good standing of students, curriculum, class attendance, grade reports, and the recommendation of students for degrees. The Faculty also has supervision over student disciplinary action and over student activities, including such things as athletic eligibility, extracurricular activities, fraternities, sororities, and the social life of the students. (See Knox College By-Laws.)

I. D. 3. Officers

The officers of the Faculty are the President, the Dean of the College, the Dean of Students, the Registrar, the Chair pro tem of the Faculty, and the Secretary of the Faculty. (For further details on Faculty Governance, see Faculty Regulations, section F)

I. D. 4. Meetings

Regular faculty meetings are normally held on the second Monday of each month September through May when the College is in session. Special meetings are held in September and June, and may be called upon notice by the President or any other officer of the Faculty.

Only members of the Faculty as defined by the Trustees may vote at faculty meetings. Under current Faculty Regulations there is no distinction among those with faculty rank between regular and visiting or temporary appointments or between full- and part-time teachers.

Minutes of faculty meetings are kept by the Secretary, and are circulated to all faculty members. A permanent file is maintained by the Dean's secretary.

The agenda is distributed at least twenty-four hours before each meeting. Items for inclusion on the agenda should reach the President, the Dean, or the Chair pro tem by the Tuesday before the meeting.

I. D. 5. Marshals

The Grand Marshal is appointed from the Faculty by the President, and is responsible for the ceremonies of all formal convocations.

The Faculty Marshal, the Grand Marshal's deputy, is also appointed from the Faculty by the President.

The College Marshal is appointed from the junior class each spring by the Academic Affairs Committee. The College Marshal's duties are to assist the Grand Marshal and to lead the graduating class at Commencement.

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