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C. Administrative Offices

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Organization of the College

All administrative officers and staff are responsible to the President. The heads of office usually report directly to the President.

I. C. 1. Academic Affairs

The Dean of the College, who is also Vice-President for Academic Affairs, is the executive officer for academic affairs, and the administrative officer most directly concerned with the academic program of the College, its curriculum, and its faculty.

The Dean carries the major responsibility for the recruitment and appointment of new faculty, and makes recommendations to the President on appointments, promotion, tenure, salary changes, and leaves of absence.

The Dean is charged with developing and supervising the instructional activities of the College and the encouragement of scholarly activity by both faculty and students.

The Dean is responsible for the formulation and execution of all budgets in the academic area.

While the Dean's primary responsibilities concern matters dealing with the Faculty and academic program of the students, these responsibilities do not exclude an interest in extra-curricular activities, admissions, and student discipline insofar as these affect the development of students, the well-being of the Faculty, and the welfare of the College.

The Dean chairs the Executive Committee and the Curriculum Committee.

The Associate Dean of the College handles for the Dean's office matters concerning the academic affairs of individual students. The Associate Dean is in charge of academic advising. The Associate Dean of the College chairs the Academic Standing Committee and is responsible for matters related to the honor code.

The following individuals report to the Dean of the College:

The Registrar is responsible for maintenance of academic records, for registration procedures, and for assignment of classrooms.

The Director of the Library is responsible for management of the Library, development of its collections, and for library services in support of the academic program.

The College Examiner coordinates student test preparation activities for certain national tests (Graduate Record Examinations, Law School Admissions, etc.).

The Director of Information Technology Services is in charge of information technology services to support academic and administrative functions.

The Director of Athletics is responsible for administering the college's intercollegiate athletics program, intramural sports, and other recreational activities that utilize the College's athletic facilities.

The Director of the Center for Global Studies coordinates off-campus study selection and curricular development and other projects which strengthen the international dimension of the educational program.

The Coordinator of the Faculty Development Program is responsible for initiating and scheduling an array of faculty development activities.

I. C. 2. Division of Student Development

The Dean of Students, who is also Vice President for Student Development, is responsible for student life outside the classroom.

The Dean of Students directs the Division of Student Development which is responsible for residential life, health services, counseling services, career development, international student advising, students of color advising, social programming, women/gender support, gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender support, learning support services, student governance, judicial matters, new student orientation, the Educational Development Program (EDP), and student activities (not including intercollegiate athletics, music and/or theatrical presentations). The Dean of Students and members of his/her staff collaborate with various administrative officers in the execution of these duties. The Dean of Students chairs the Student Life Committee and serves on the Executive Committee, the Academic Standing Committee, and the Admission, Retention, and Placement Committee.

The Assistant or Associate Dean of Students assists the Dean of Students with student issues on a day-to-day basis, oversees the adjudication process in student judicial matters, coordinates new student orientation, and is responsible for the assemblage of information for the Knox College Student Handbook.

The following individuals (who may also hold the title of Assistant or Associate Dean) report to the Dean of Students.

The Director of Campus Life is responsible for housing on-campus students (including Greek houses as well as residence halls) and for the hiring, training, and supervising of Resident Advisors. Student activities, clubs and organizations, and event coordination is also managed under this person?s supervision.

The Director of Counseling Services provides professional psychological counseling for students.

The Director of the Center for Career and Pre-Professional Development coordinates career searches and job placement programs for students and is responsible for the development and oversight of student internship opportunities.

The Director of the Center for Intercultural Life advises international students and addresses issues pertaining to students of color, women/gender, and gay/lesbian/bisexual/ transgender students. The Director also maintains the immigration records for international students.

The Director of the Center for Teaching and Learning coordinates programs to foster the academic success of students, including acquiring and training peer tutors in all academic concentrations.

The Director of the Educational Development Program (a federally grant-funded program) coordinates efforts to foster the academic success of first-generation, low-income students.

I. C. 3. Admission and Financial Aid Office

The Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admission oversees admissions and financial aid.

I. C. 4. Communications

The Chief Communication Officer oversees the Office of Communications and is responsible for College publications and communications.

I. C. 5. Finance and Administrative Services

The Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services is responsible for the financial and business management of the College and serves as its Treasurer. This officer?s duties include preparation and execution of the College budget and administration of college investments.

The following individuals report to the Vice President for Finance and Administrative Services.

The Director of Personnel is responsible for all personnel administration relating to the administrative and hourly staff as well as the administration of fringe benefit programs for all employees of the College.

The Director of Facilities Services is responsible for the overall operation and maintenance of the physical plant, including buildings, grounds and capital projects.

The Director of Support Services and Purchasing Agent is responsible for managing campus postal services, photocopy services, centralized purchasing, and office supplies.

The Director of Dining Services is responsible for all aspects of food service, dining and retail operations, campus ID cards, and catering.

The Bookstore Manager is responsible for all aspects of bookstore operations, including procuring textbooks and course materials.

The Controller is responsible for financial accounting and reporting, payroll, accounts payable, billing and collection, cash management and banking activities.

The Director of Campus Safety is responsible for directing campus safety programs, including crime prevention and investigation, parking, key control and campus patrol.

I. C. 6. Advancement Office

The Vice President for Advancement develops the fund-raising programs of the College, including plans for annual giving, deferred giving, grant support, and oversees alumni affairs.

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