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A. The Board of Trustees

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Organization of the College

The Board of Trustees is legal custodian of the corporate existence of Knox College. A self-perpetuating body, it has a legal limit of forty-two members including the President of the College, ex officio. The Board may include no more than thirty-seven general trustees and no more than four alumni trustees, including one recent graduate trustee. Trustees serve four-year terms.

Regular meetings are normally held in October, February, and June. These meetings are open only to invited visitors.

The committees of the Board are Executive, Education, Advancement, Trustees, Nominating, and Finance. The President of the College is an ex officio member of all Board committees.

The Board is responsible for general policies of the College including authorization of degrees awarded by the College, setting of tuition and other fees, approval of the annual budget and the investment of all endowment funds and other assets, and establishment of the general conditions of faculty service. (See Knox College By-Laws.)

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Printed on Monday, July 16, 2018