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J. Guidelines for the Establishment of Minors within Existing Majors

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Guidelines Relating to the Curriculum

Approved by the Faculty, April 10, 2000

  1. The Curriculum Committee has the authority to approve a minor proposed by a faculty member in an existing major. Approved minors will enter the catalog of the academic year following the date of their approval.
  2. Minors-within-majors are programs of study that have intellectual integrity and whose course requirements exhibit coherence and sequencing of knowledge. The following stipulations apply to a minor-within-a-major:
    • The requirements consist of a minimum of 4 credits and a maximum of 6 credits total; no more than 5 credits can be from any one department.
    • No more than one-third of the credits counted toward the minor may be at the 100-level; at least one 300-level credit is recommended.
    • Declaration of such minors requires the signature of the chair of the sponsoring major department/program. A student declaring a minor may request a second advisor, but does not have to do so. The signature of the advisor for a minor is not required for course registration.
    • A minor may not be declared prior to the declaration of a student's major. A student may not have a major and a minor within that major.*

* Subsequent to the adoption of the above, the Curriculum Committee developed guidelines for combining majors with minors. See the College catalog.

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