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C. Understanding Diversity Course Proposal Form

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Guidelines Relating to the Curriculum

To propose a course as satisfying the diversity competency (DV), please provide the information requested below. Submit to the Chair of the Curriculum Committee for consideration.

Instructor Name:


Course number and title:

Is this a new course offering?

______ yes ______ no
If yes, when will it first be offered?

_________ year _____________________ term
If no, when was it last offered?

_________ year _____________________ term
How frequently will the course be offered?

_____ multiple times a year _____ every year _____ every other year _____ intermittently
How many students typically (are expected to) enrolled in this course?

_________ students
Is this course also being proposed as fulfilling any other competency?

_____ speaking _____ information literacy and informed use of technology _____ quantitative literacy _____ writing

Please answer the next question on a separate sheet and attach to this form.

Please include a brief explanation for why you feel the course should be designated a DV course. In particular, it would be helpful if you could explain how the coursehelps students:

  1. to think about the cultural limitations of their own perspectives
  2. to explore the power relations that help define groups and their interactions
  3. to develop skills and strategies that enable them to interact effectively with people different from themselves

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Printed on Thursday, April 19, 2018