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G. Faculty Research and Travel Funds

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1. Eligibility: All regular full-time faculty are eligible to apply for funding.

2. Priority of Projects

1. First priority - Projects of research, study, performance, exhibition, other scholarly and professional activities.

2. Second priority - Professional and curricular development projects (Subject matter conferences and workshops, pedagogy and curriculum study, language and other research method skill training) that are not normally considered scholarly research or creative work.

3. Types of Expenditures Eligible for Grant Support

1. Wages for student research assistants.

2. Research supplies and postage.

3. Manuscript preparations and some publication costs.

4. Travel expenses in accordance with College guidelines. Transportation at cheapest air or train rate, or automobile travel if less expensive. Lodging. Meals, when related to short-term travel. Meal expenses are not normally covered during sabbaticals / scheduled leaves.

5. Registration fees for subject matter conferences / workshops, i.e., conferences that are devoted to improving the teaching expertise or matters central to the major scholarly activities of the applicant.

6. Honoraria for consultants necessary to the success of the proposed project.

7. Equipment purchases. All such equipment is the property of Knox College.

4. Limitations on Support

1. Funds are not available for faculty salaries or stipends, for released time for faculty, or for salaries for replacement faculty.

2. Research/creative work funds are not available for the costs of attending regular professional meetings.

3. Faculty members on terminal contracts have last priority for academic-year support and are not eligible for summer grants.

4. Faculty in the process of completing their dissertations may not receive grants for projects other than their dissertation. Proposals will be considered for support of dissertation research.

5. Application Procedure

1. Applications are made to the Committee on Faculty Resources, who make recommendations to the Dean of the College. Application forms and instructions on submission are available at the at the Faculty Development website.

2. Application deadlines are announced by the Committee on Faculty Resources. Normally, applications must be received by October 1 for academic year awards, and April 1 for summer awards.

6. Payment Procedures
Reimbursements will be authorized by the Associate Dean for Faculty Development upon submission of evidence of the cost incurred. Student wages are paid through the College's payroll.

All regular full-time faculty and those with at least half-time appointments are eligible for funds for travel to professional meetings. Conference Travel Allocations are made annually to support travel within a given fiscal year. Funding priority is given to those presenting scholarly papers or participating in formal conference proceedings. "Participation in formal conference proceedings" is defined as activities that involve significant contribution to the conference proceedings such as paper presentation, poster presentation, panel or roundtable discussant, and/or service on conference committees or association governing boards. Roles such as timekeeper, ceremonial chair, and participant in informal gatherings are not normally included. Consult with the Chair of the Committee on Faculty Resources if you are uncertain whether your proposed conference activity qualifies as "formal participation."

Conference Travel Allocations are made on a rolling basis with the requirement that application be made before conference travel commences. Application forms and instructions on submission are available at the Faculty Development website.

Reimbursements will be authorized by the Associate Dean for Faculty Development upon submission of evidence of the cost incurred. The following expenses are eligible for reimbursement (with receipts):

1. transportation to the conference location

2. hotel expenses

3. meal expenses up to a maximum of $40 per day

4. conference registration fees

5. local ground transportation

The following expenses are ineligible:

1. alcohol

2. books or any other materials

3. professional association membership dues

A copy of the paper/poster presented and evidence of participation must be submitted with the request for reimbursement.

The Committee on Faculty Resources will create procedures to allow funding of extraordinary cases of faculty conference travel need that do not fit within the established allocations. Such cases may include opportunities for multiple conference presentations within a single fiscal year, international conferences, discipline-specific issues, and the particular needs of junior faculty, if start-up funds have been exhausted. Funding for these special circumstances will be awarded on a competitive basis.

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Printed on Wednesday, July 18, 2018