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D. Increasing Faculty Diversity -- Opportunity Hires

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Vetted with FASCom and distributed to Department Chairs, Fall Term 1999

For many years the College has pursued its commitment to diversity in the work force in two ways: by an assertive affirmative action dimension in searches to fill new or vacated faculty positions, and by pursuing special opportunities, where they have arisen, to make appointments that help further diversify the faculty and the curriculum.

It is still possible for the College to respond to those latter opportunities. If departments are able to identify individuals whose appointment would enrich the curriculum and further diversify the faculty, you should bring them to the attention of the Dean of the College. In doing so, you should consider the following four guidelines:

  1. The appointment must enhance the ethnic diversity of the faculty.
  2. The appointment fits within the curriculum and enriches existing programs (majors, concentrations, FP, AP).
  3. The appointment fits into the curriculum in areas where there are strong enrollments.
  4. The candidate is an individual with the credentials and talents commensurate with our collective expectations for effective teaching, productive research/creative work, and institutional service.

Persons appointed in this way can become tenured, although should such positions be vacated there is no assurance that the position will be continued in the same department/program.

These special appointments can occur only in departments which are not already advertising positions for vacated existing or new positions.

The College remains strongly committed to diversifying the work force and the kinds of appointments described here remain an important opportunity to advance a key part of Knox's educational mission.

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