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2016-2017 Faculty Committees

Year denotes end-of-term


Laura Behling (ex officio)
Anne Ehrlich (ex officio)
Katie Adelsberger (chair Exec F/W) 2017
Neil Blackadder 2018
Nancy Eberhardt 2019
Fernando Gomez 2018
Tom Moses (chair FASCom) 2017

Faculty Personnel

Tim Foster 2017
Liz Carlin-Metz 2019
Frank McAndrew (chair) 2018
Emre Sencer 2020

Academic Standing

Lori Schroeder (chair, ex officio)
Pedro Teixeira 2017
Sara O'Brien 2018
Weihong Du 2019
Chuck Schulz (ex officio) 
Deb Southern (ex officio)

Admissions, Retention & Placement

Emily Anderson (chair) 2019
Daniel Beers 2018
Nate Williams 2019
Paul Steenis (ex officio)
Terrie Saline (ex officio)
Lori Schroeder (ex officio)
Anne Ehrlich (ex officio)
Chad Eisele (ex officio)


Sue Hulett (chair) 2019
James Dyer 2017
Larry Welch 2018
Sport Studies Rep (ex officio)
Chad Eisele (ex officio)
Dean of Students Rep (ex officio)

Campus Diversity

Chad Simpson 2019
Konrad Hamilton 2018
Jeff Grace (chair) 2018
Anne Steinberg 2019
Laura Behling (ex officio)
Cyrstal Bohm (ex officio)
4 staff from OSD and Admissions

Campus Environment

Magali Roy-Féquière (chair) 2018
Robin Metz 2019
Tony Gant (ex officio art rep) 2018
Scott Maust (ex officio)
Koreen Kerfoot (ex officio, Student Development)
Deborah Steinberg (ex officio, Sustainability)

Cultural Events

William Hope 2018
Jessie Dixon-Montgomery (chair) 2019
Andrew Hertel 2017

Budget and Financial Priorities 

Rich Stout (chair) 2019
Andrew Leahy 2018
Jim Thrall 2017
Mike Godsil 2020
Laura Behling (ex officio)
Keith Archer (ex officio)

Instructional Support

Tom Clayton 2018
Craig Choma (chair) 2017
Scott DeWitt 2019
Carissa Schoffner 2017
Jeff Douglas (ex officio)
Director of Information Tech (ex officio)
Coordinator of Instructional Tech (ex officio)
Mary Armon as Associate Dean (ex officio)

Student Life

Ben Farrer 2019
Nathalie Haurberg 2018
Jennifer Templeton 2017
Nick Regiacorte (chair) 2018
Deb Southern (ex officio)
Craig Southern (ex officio)

Broadcast, Internet & Publications

Andy Civettini (chair) 2017
Rob Smith 2019
Brenda Fineberg 2018
Anne Ehrlich (ex officio)
Travis Greenlee (ex officio)

Institutional Review Board

Tim Kasser (co-chair)
Gabe Raley (co-chair) 
Heather Hoffman
Andy Civettini
Esther Pennick

Honor Board

Karen Kampwirth 2017
Greg Gilbert 2018
Dan Wack 2019

Honorary Degrees Subcommittee

Danielle Fatkin 2019
Laura Lane 2018
Dennis Schneider 2019

Curriculum Committee

Matt Jones-Rhoades (chair)
Laura Behling (ex officio)

CC - Assessment Subcom

Matt Jones-Rhoades (chair) 2017
Jen Smith 2019
Eric Dickens 2019
Manisha Pradhananga 2018
Leah Adams-Curtis (ex officio)
Lori Schroeder (ex officio, for Laura Behling)

CC - Policy Subcom

Steve Cohn (chair) 2019
Kevin Hastings 2019
Julio Noriega 2019
Andrea Ferrigno 2018
Laura Behling (ex officio)

CC - Curriculum Implementation Subcom

Gino Franco 2017
Claudia Fernandez (chair, fall) 2019
Helen Hoyt 2018
Peter Schwartzman (chair, winter/spring) 2017
Chuck Schulz (ex officio)
Mary Armon (ex officio, for Laura Behling)

Committee on Faculty Resources

Mary Armon (ex officio)
Brandon Polite - untenured 2018
Mark Shroyer - MNS 2019
Jerry Miner - HUM 2019
Carol Scotton - HSS 2018
Cyn Fitch - ARTS 2017

Task Force on the Knox Educational Experience

Todd Heidt 2017
Natania Rosenfeld 2017
Teresa Gonzales 2017
Judy Thorn 2017
Jaime Spacco 2017
Mark Holmes 2017
Nikki Malley 2017

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