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Students walk by Old Main in early evening.

Faculty Committees


Office of Academic Affairs

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401-4999


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2018-2019 Faculty Committees

Year denotes end of term


Nancy Eberhardt (chair FASCom) 2019
Mark Shroyer (co-chair Exec) 2020
Jennifer Templeton 2020
Cyn Fitch 2021
Danielle Fatkin 2021
Garikai Campbell (ex officio, co-chair)
Anne Ehrlich (ex officio)

Faculty Personnel

Liz Carlin-Metz (chair) 2019
Emre Sencer 2020
Jim Thrall 2021
Judy Thorn 2022

Academic Standing

Weihong Du 2019
Jim Mountjoy 2020
Katie Stewart 2021
Tim Foster (chair, ex officio)
Chuck Schulz, interim registrar (ex officio)
Deb Southern (ex officio) 

Admissions, Retention & Placement

Emily Anderson 2019
Nate Williams 2019
David Bunde (co-chair) 2020
Tim Foster (ex officio, co-chair)
Paul Steenis (ex officio)
Terrie Saline (ex officio)
Deb Southern (ex officio)
Scott Sunderland (ex officio)


Andy Civettini 2020
Jonathan Powers (chair) 2020
Anne Schaefer 2021
Sport Studies Rep (ex officio)
Daniella Irle (ex officio)
Dean of Students Rep (ex officio)

Campus Diversity

Caesar Akuetey (co-chair) 2020
Chad Simpson 2019
Nathalie Haurberg 2021
Garikai Campbell (ex officio)
Crystal Bohm, Dir. Of HR (ex officio)
4 staff from DSD and Admission

Cultural Events

Joan Huguet (chair) 2020
Robin Ragan 2020
Jennifer Foubert 2021

Budget and Financial Priorities 

Rich Stout 2019
Mike Godsil (chair) 2020
Jim Dyer 2021
Kevin Hastings 2022
Garikai Campbell (ex officio)
CFO (ex officio)

Instructional Support

Scott DeWitt 2019
Jeff Grace 2021
Mary Armon (ex officio, chair)
Jeff Douglas (ex officio)
Emily Frakes, Director of User Services (ex officio)
Coordinator of Instructional Tech (ex officio)

Student Life

Ben Farrer 2019
Nick Regiacorte (co-chair) 2020
Nikki Malley 2021
Kara Moore 2021
Deb Southern (ex officio, co-chair)
Craig Southern (ex officio)

Institutional Review Board

Andy Hertel (chair)
Jonah Rubin (first reader for qualitative proposals)
Janet Kirkley
Andy Civettini
Esther Penick

Honor Board

Ole Forsberg (winter-spring) 2020
Tom Clayton (winter-spring) 2021
Barbara Tannert-Smith 2021
Bill Young (fall) 

Honorary Degrees Subcommittee

Dennis Schneider 2019
Brandon Polite 2021
William Hope 2021

Curriculum Committee

Garikai Campbell (ex officio)

CC - Assessment Subcommittee

Jen Smith (Chair) 2019
Eric Dickens 2019
Monica mcGill 2021
Andrew Leahy 2021
Leah Adams-Curtis (ex officio)
Tim Foster (ex officio, for Garikai Campbell)

CC - Policy Subcommittee

Steve Cohn (chair) 2019
Katie Adelsberger 2021
Konrad Hamilton 2021
Mitchell Parks 2021
Garikai Campbell (ex officio)

CC - Implementation Subcommittee

Matt Jones-Rhoades (chair, fall) 2020
Mark Holmes (chair, winter-spring) 2020
Tom Moses 2021
Hilary Lehmann 2021
Chuck Schulz, Interim Registrar (ex officio)
Mary Armon (ex officio, for Garikai Campbell)

Committee on Faculty Resources

Jerry Miner (HUM) 2019
Diana Cermak (MNS, chair) 2020
Gina Franco (ARTS) 2020
Karen Kampwirth (HSS) 2021
Nick Gidmark (untenured) 2020
Mary Armon (ex officio)

Faculty Ombudspersons

Cate Denial 2019
Cyn Fitch 2020

Off-campus Study Committee (ad hoc)

Katie Adelsberger 2020
Todd Heidt 2020
Barbara Tannert-Smith 2020
Garikai Campbell
Bren Tooley (chair)
Rebecca Eckart

First-Year Experience Committee (ad hoc)

Tim Foster 2020
Fernando Gomez 2020
Sarah O'Brien 2021
William Hope 2021
Tim Foster (ex officio)
Mary Armon (ex officio)
Anne Ehrlich (ex officio)

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