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Faculty Committees


Office of Academic Affairs

2 East South Street

Galesburg, IL 61401


Fax: 309-341-7166


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Elected Committees


Jaime Spacco (co-chair Exec Comm) (MNS)  2023
Jonathan Powers (chair FASCom) (HSS)  2022
Nancy Eberhardt (HSS) 2024
Todd Heidt (HUM) 2023
Jen Smith (ARTS) 2024
Michael Schneider (ex officio) (co-chair Exec Comm) 

Faculty Personnel

Monica Berlin (chair F) (ARTS) 2024
Fernando Gomez (HUM) 2025
Katie Adelsberger (MNS) 2022
Emre Sencer (chair W, S) (HSS) 2023

Budget and Financial Priorities

Kevin Hastings 2022
Rich Stout (chair)  2023
Pierce Gradone 2024
Moheb Zidan  2025
Mike Schneider (ex officio)
Robert Kenny (ex officio)

Major Standing Committees

Curriculum Committee

Tom Moses (overall chair) 2022-23

CC - Assessment Subcommittee

Jen Smith (ART) 2021
Greg Gilbert (HUM) (chair)  2022
Mary Armon (MNS)   2023
Ole Forsberg (MNS)  2024
Judy Thorn (ex officio, for Mike Schneider)

CC - Implementation Subcommittee

Nick Gidmark (MNS) 2024
Robin Ragan(chair) (HUM) 2023
William Hope (HSS)  2023
Joan Huguet (ART) 2023
Jerry Miner (ex officio) 
Danielle Fatkin (ex officio, for Mike Schneider)

CC - Policy Subcommittee

Tom Moses (MNS) (chair) 2023
Toni Prado (HSS) 2023
Robert Smith (HUM) 2024
Tim Stedman (ART) 2024
Mike Schneider (ex officio)

Contributing Committees and Members:

Liaison to Curriculum Committee for Self-Designed Majors
Heather Hoffmann (2022)

Active Learning/Immersion Faculty Coordinator
Katie Adelsberger (2022) 

First Year Preceptorial Coordinator
Mitchell Parks 

First Year Preceptorial Steering Committee
Konrad Hamilton
Tim Stedman


Faculty Experience Core Committee

Katie Stewart (chair) (2022)
Lynette Lombard (2023)
Yannick Marshall (2024)
Mark Shroyer (2024)

Contributing Committees and Members


Jeff Grace (Chair) (2022)
Jim Mountjoy (2023)
Jennifer Foubert (2024)

Other contributing members

Associate Dean for Faculty Affairs
Director of the Library
Director of User Services (ITS)


Student Experience Core Committee
Andy Mehl, chair (2022)
Ben Farrer (2023)
Ashon Bradford (2024)
Deb Southern (ex officio)
Tim Foster (ex officio)
Craig Southern (ex officio)

Contributing Committees and Members:

Academic Standing
Diana Cermak (2023)
Matt Jones-Rhodes (2023) 
Duane Oldfield (2022)
Jerry Miner (ex officio)
Deb Southern (ex officio)
Tim Foster (chair, ex officio)

Athletics Committee

Larry Welch (Faculty Athletics Representative)
Andy Civettini

Honor Board

Tom Clayton (2023)
Weihong Du (2022)
Mark Slabodnick (2024)

Other contributing members

Paul Steenis, Dean of Admission
Daniella Irle, Director of Athletics
Directors of the Centers (Bastian, Kleine, Stellyes, Vovis)
Anne Thomason, Director of the Library

Campus Diversity

Dan Wack (co-chair)(2023)
Roya Biggie (2022)
Patricia Xi (2024)
Tianna Cervantez (ex officio) (co-chair)
Mike Schneider (ex officio)
Director of Human Resources (ex officio)
Stephanie Grimes

Institutional Review Board

Andy Hertel (co-chair) (first reader, quantitative)
Jonah Rubin (co-chair) (first reader, qualitative)
Janet Kirkley
Andy Civettini
Esther Penick

Faculty Observers of the Board

Tim Stedman (2023)
Thomas Bell (2022)

Faculty Members of the Committees of the Board of Trustees

Helen Hoyt (2024)
Jennifer Foubert (2023)
Stuart Allison (2022)

Chair Pro tem

Nikki Malley (2022)

Faculty Secretary

Gabe Raley-Karlin (2022)

Year denotes end of term

Knox College

Printed on Wednesday, June 29, 2022