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Tove Himango ’24 Named Nick Adams Finalist

Tove Himango ’24 has carved a distinctive path at Knox with their dual interests in creative writing and environmental studies. Recently, their writing journey reached a significant milestone when their short story "Cavity" was named a finalist in the 2024 ACM Nick Adams Short Story Contest.

Himango’s path to choosing Knox was influenced by a high school counselor who had previously guided students with a passion for creative writing to the College. Despite initially planning to stay close to home in Minnesota, they felt comfortable with Knox's size during their campus tour, especially after sitting in on a poetry class with Professor of English and Director of Creative Writing Nicholas Regiacorte.

Himango has taken a wide array of writing courses, including playwriting, fiction, and nonfiction, to experiment with different styles and genres. This diverse coursework helped them hone their skills and develop a varied portfolio.

Their story "Cavity," originally written for a fiction workshop, was inspired by horror themes and personal experiences. "Cavity" draws from Himango’s childhood neighborhood, blending personal history with imaginative horror elements. The story reflects their ability to evoke fear through familiar yet unsettling imagery, showcasing their talent for capturing the dark and unknown.

“I asked myself, ‘What if there was a dark closet and it was a mouth? Would that be creepy? Yes, it would.’ I thought,” they said. 

Chair and Associate Professor of English Cyn Kitchen saw potential in the draft and encouraged them to submit it for the Nick Adams contest. The recognition Himango received from the piece’s finalist status has given them a confidence boost, feeling validation in their craft.

It’s confirmation that I’ve been doing something right here,” Himango said. “It’s one of those things that makes you feel good.”

Himango's interest in environmental studies has also grown at Knox, envisioning a future that combines both fields, possibly in travel writing and nature journalism, inspired by their study abroad experiences in Sweden and Croatia. After graduation, they plan to take a break from school but are considering a master's program at the University of Minnesota Duluth. 

Himango's time at Knox has been marked by close relationships with professors and peers, which they deeply value. As they look ahead, they remain committed to exploring new writing contests and opportunities, building on the foundation and validation received at Knox.

“Everyone in the creative writing department cares and respects your work,” Himango said. “I’m so grateful for the whole department treating me like a writer, not just some kid.”

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Printed on Sunday, June 16, 2024