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Sunshine Provides Warm Memories on the 100th Anniversary of Flunk Day

Student on the zipline on Flunk Day 2022

A sunny, warm, windy spring day heralded the 100th anniversary of Flunk Day at Knox. Perfect weather marked the expected unexpected date on May 9.

“It’s warm for the first Flunk in the time I’ve been here. I think it’s better than what we expected,” said Kathryn Allee ’22, one of the event organizers. “In planning it, you don’t get to imagine how excited everyone’s going to be, but it’s really great to see everyone excited and out and about.” 

Bubbles floated across students waiting in a line to slide down an inflatable slide. Other students played frisbee nearby. Bagels from Galesburg’s Black Market Bagels shop were scooped up in a flash, while the zip line and obstacle course were set up. The Meltdown inflatable had students jumping or ducking under a swinging arm, while nearby students played jumbo Jenga or a super-sized Connect 4.

Music was supplied by a group of Knox students and barbecue came from the Knox College Dining staff. Chickpea curry was supplied by Cornucopia, a local natural market and deli.

“I’ve never had this before. It’s a really great change for attitude and energy,” said Marina Huang, ’24. “I woke up at 7 a.m. this morning, and I never do! To hear music and see the sunshine, it’s been great! Thank you, planners.” 

“I was so worried beforehand that ‘oh my gosh, what if it flops,’ but then this morning at 7 a.m. I saw those first seniors come out for Friars and I was like ‘Everyone’s excited! This is going to rule!’” added Sarah Wallenfelsz ’22, who also assisted in organizing the event.

Students got sudsy in the foam party and washed off in a slip and slide. Owen Beaver ’24 took great pride in sending fellow Beta Theta Pi fraternity brothers, especially Andrew Winkler ’24, into the water in the dunk tank. “It’s really been great to hang out with the guys on such a beautiful day,” said Beaver. 

A visit with an Abraham Lincoln impersonator remained one of the top activities of the day. “Students have tried to contact me in advance of the day to ask when this event is going to happen. They may find out, but it won’t be from me,” said Lincoln, who remains honest to the end.

Students were overjoyed to hold a Flunk Day in the true spirit of the day. “It’s the first one when it’s not raining or we’re not in quarantine. I’m happy this is my senior Flunk,” said Jacob Bassett ’22.

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Printed on Sunday, June 16, 2024