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Students Recognized with 2022 Academic Awards

Seymour Library

At the end of each academic year, Knox faculty, staff, and students traditionally gather to recognize the achievements of students with a variety of academic awards. The recognition of student achievements covers three main categories: honor societies, awards and prizes for special accomplishments, and awards and prizes from academic departments.

All awards and recipients are listed below.

Honor Societies

Phi Beta Kappa: Founded in 1776, the nation’s oldest and most prestigious scholastic honorary society, Phi Beta Kappa, recognizes “the principles of freedom of inquiry and liberty of thought and expression” that are the foundation of liberal learning. Only 10 percent of the nation’s colleges and universities have a PBK chapter. The Delta Chapter of Illinois was founded at Knox College in 1916, the first chapter of Phi Beta Kappa in a liberal arts college in Illinois. Seniors and a small number of juniors distinguished for high academic achievement are elected annually.

Seniors (*Elected as a junior)

Choudry Abdul Rehman
Daniel Cong Bien
Sophia Rose Bowley*
Abigail Noel Breslin
Charles Caden Washington Broomfield*
Rosemary Xiang-Chen Cheng
Mizuho Chiba                
Rachel Nicole Ditty
Tegan McGloin Doherty
Samuel Arthur Lendle Esteep
Alyx Elizabeth Farris
Marion Opal Frank*
Rebecca Belle Gadiel*
Maggie Kay Garrett
Amritha George
Elizabeth Michelle George
Ajay Khosla Gustafson
Alyssa Rose Habschmidt
Beatrice Kordesh Hartman
Arisa Alyssa Kawano
Brittany Carol Koch
Rudraj Koppikar           
Rose Louise Martines
Aditi Parag Parikh
Phuong Nguyen Ha Phan
Daniel Vincent Rafac
Tenzin Sangpo              
Ghazi Joseph Saoud
Elleri Alton Scriver
Faeryn Swift        
Ransom Lee Swinney
Christa Lee Vander Wyst
Akihiro Wakayama*          
Nelson Zhong            
Rosaline Janet Zucker*


Addison James Anderson
Kaitlyn McKenzie Cashdollar
Kayla Marina Hope
Minh Thy Nguyen Le
Jia Yi Self

Nu Rho Psi National Honor Society in Neuroscience: Membership is by invitation and is open to graduate and undergraduate students who are making the study of neuroscience one of their major interests and who meet other academic qualifications.

Senior members:

Amritha George
Sarah E. Hoffmann-Weitsman
Deline Huang
Camryn H. Hutchins
Tori Johnson
Marie-Khanzada Kurbanova
Emily McParland
Jon Schneider
Amira L. Siddique

Psi Chi - National Honor Society in Psychology: Students are selected on the basis of academic achievement and interest in psychology as a science.

Brooklyn Michele Deming
Nhi Ngoc Thao Do
Hala M. Halabi
Nhi Hanh Hoang
Thu Phuoc Anh Nguyen
River Smith
Ingrid  Mary Wasmer
Miranda R. Zuckerman

Pi Sigma Alpha: the National Political Science Honor Society was founded in 1920 for the purpose of bringing together students and faculty interested in the study of government and politics. 

New Inductees

Abigail Breslin
Siya Kasat
Lizbeth Reyes-Guzman

Caleb Baird
Jennifer De Jesus
Benjamin Ertle
Markesha Jackson
Mia Kobayashi-Solomon
Mouhcine Oubih
Madison Sparks
Josie Spence
Casimir Stopa

Sigma Xi - The Scientific Research Society: Membership in Sigma Xi is by invitation. The most promising young scientists and students with demonstrated research potential are invited to join as associate members.

New Nominees

Laurelee Mist Boon
Brooklyn Deming
Jonathan Doriscar
Sungmin Jin
Victoria R. Johnson
Lucia Elizabeth Weyer Johnson
Allison LaSalvia
Hina Matsuzaki
Tuan Nguyen
Choudry Abdul Rehman
Garrett Quinn Trimble
Zeina Sbai

Awards and Prizes for Special Accomplishments

Bookfellow Library Prize: Isabel P. Scott

College Marshal: Cianja Bone

William Fern Prize in Honor of Thalia Manganari Papavas: Isabella C. Brennan

Steve Floyd Memorial Award-Ford: Charles M. Ericksen

Inman Fox Prize: Akihiro Wakayama

Philip Haring and John Houston Award: Shuchita Poddar

Pearl Harris Award: Addison J. Anderson

James and Helen Huntington Johnson Prize: Ava D. Vaccarella

Knauss Student Research Award for the Lincoln Studies Center: William D. Gatesman, Nora P. Glowacki, Marion M. Schweitzer, Kapiolani T. Williams

Lincoln Academy Student Laureate: Rebecca B. Gadiel

Mogbo Sustainability Fund Award: Cadence I. Eischens

Laszlo J. Nemeth Memorial Research Award: Rebecca G. McAtee Baird

Outstanding Senior Award: Shuchita Poddar

Charles & Arvilla Timme Fellowship Award: Hala M. Halabi, Ngoc Minh Bao Ho, Reagan G. Keeney, Rose Ellen Marshall, Mouhcine Oubih

Lizzy Warner Prize for Women in STEM: Jacqueline C. Pavlovsky

John C. Weigel Prize: Charles C. W. Broomfield, Akihiro Wakayama

Dean Deborah Wing Award: Sophia R. Bowley

Anthropology & Sociology

Howell Atwood Award: Angel J. Blanchard, Mizuho Chiba, Bea K. Hartman, Rose L. Martines, Olivia J. Palepoi, Nelson Zhong


Beverly Bender Scholar in Art: Amelia T. Walz

Beverly Bender Scholar in Sculpture: Zomina B. E. Peterson

Blick Art Materials Prize in Ceramics: Zomina B. E. Peterson

Blick Art Materials Prize in Drawing: Kevin D. Cox

Blick Art Materials Prize in Graphic Design: Rose E. Marshall

Blick Art Materials Prize in Non-Traditional Media: Solis R. Scriver, Sadie R. Cheney

Blick Art Materials Prize in Painting: Ingrid M. Wasmer

Blick Art Materials Prize in Photography: Eleanor S. Lindenmayer

Blick Art Materials Senior Award: Cyan A. Oelklaus

Elda Crichton Campbell Print Prize: Ellen S. M. Garrett

Isaac O. Peterson Studio Award: Kevin D. Cox

Asian Studies

Mikiso Hane Asian Studies Prize: Nicholas D. Burbules, Mercedes L. Swinney


Inn-Siang Ooi Prize: Olive M. Colangelo

Alvah Peterson Biology Prize: Emily D. McParland

David "Burney" Dunn for Student Field Research: Alex Marcoullier

Biochemistry and Chemistry

Leland Harris Award in Chemistry: Allison D. LaSalvia

Russell P. Sutton Prize in Organic Chemistry: Carlotta J. Horvath

General Chemistry Achievement Award: Isabel S. Negash, Kiely M. Thompson, Ainara Rivera, Autumn E. Crow

ACS Illinois Heartland Local Section Collegiate Scholastic Award: Allison D. LaSalvia

ACS Division of Inorganic Chemistry: Garrett Q. Trimble

ACS Division of Analytical Chemistry Award: Roman Jacob Liedtke

ACS Division of Physical Chemistry: Minh T. N. Le

ACS Prize in Organic Chemistry: Janelle M. Athans


Lawrence Prize in Greek: Casey B. Foubert, Carlotta J. Horvath

Lawrence Prize in Latin: Hannah L. Tannas, Jean L. Patton

Computer Science

Paul’s Prize in Computer Science: Charles C. W. Broomfield


John Hofsas Prize in Dance: Ramona B. Maple, Jamahra J. Richardson


Sylvia & Irwin Jaffe Memorial Prize: Sijal Dhakal, Bethlehem Mulualem Assegid

Vinton C. Johnson Prize: Daniel V. Rafac, Ngoc M. B. Ho


Dr. Diana Beck Senior Honors Award: Brooklyn M. Deming, Gabriella M. Diaz

English and Creative Writing

Nina Marie Edwards Memorial Award: Amy Magana

William E. Brady Fund in English Literature: Lily E. Gates, Nora P. Glowacki

Eugene & Ella Stewart Davenport Literary Award in Fiction: Lila G. Siering, Natalie R. Ivaniszek, Aditi P. Parikh

Eugene & Ella Stewart Davenport Literary Award in Non-Fiction: Sage B. Lundquist (1), Kailin R. Cutliff (2), Ashley M. Lipe (3), Owen F. Hamlin and Josephine S. Franklin (Honorable Mention)

Eugene & Ella Stewart Davenport Literary Award in Poetry: Marin G. Hart, Shuchita Poddar, Kari Quintana

Eugene & Ella Stewart Davenport Literary Award in Playwriting: Cianja K. Bone, Porter, Abigail M. King

The Scripps Prize: Elizabeth M. George, Aditi P. Parikh

Proctor Fenn Sherwin Short Story Award: Owen F. Hamlin, Tenzin Sangpo

Lorraine Smith Prize in English: Lola J. Chamberlain

Beverly K. White & Friends Creative Writing Prize: Avery C. O'Brien

Howard A. Wilson Prize: Lola J. Chamberlain (1), CJ Johnson (2), Jasmine Lamb (3)

Audrey Collet-Conard Prize: CJ Johnson

Environmental Studies

Desmond Fortes Environmental Studies Prize: Tegan McGloin Doherty, Song Yan Li

Lawrence L. DeMott Prize: Samuel R. Barouch


Dennis E. Donham Prize in History: Isabel P. Scott

Dorothy Inness Stanford Award: Isabel P. Scott

Szold Prize in History: Rosemary Maggie Xiang-Chen Cheng


Theodore Hazen Kimble Memorial Award in Journalism: Jenna E. Schweikert

Ida M. Tarbell Memorial Prize for Investigative Reporting: Deborah E. Bonales, Shuchita Poddar


Donald L. Benedict Student Research Award: Son Mahn Tran

Clark Mills Carr Prize in Mathematics: Dustin Michael Cates

Mathematics Department Endowed Fund Student Research Award: Samantha Marie Loren

Modern Language

Lorraine Smith Prize in French: Sage J. Yoerger

Lilly Lindahl Prize in German: Samuel A. L. Esteep

Sally Coleman Prize in Spanish Literature: Rose L. Martines


Don C. M. Bracker Award in Music: Beatrice K. Hartman

Clarence Hubert Johnson Award: Jasmine J. Lerner

Ruth Lockwood Goodsill Prize: Garrett R. Sprinkle

Lucile Sudbury Prize: Gippeum Kang, Phuong Nguyen Ha Phan

David Lowry Jazz Award: Daniel C. Bien, Casey B. Foubert, Brandon D/ Roberts

Eric Martin Berg Memorial: Sophia A. Agupugo, Hadley T. Mollman, Finnegan N. Hautau, Meridian K. Lattig, Isabel B. Oliver, Cyrus X. Tallman


Merritt H. Moore Prize in Philosophy: Sayan V. Trisal


Robert R. Mariner Family Research Award: Michael J. Fisher

Porter Prize and Andreas Prize: Rachel M. Corzine

Smith Prize in Physics: Rachel M. Corzine, Ashton C. V. Zeringue

Political Science and International Relations

Dean Acheson Prize: Aditi P. Parikh

John W. Burgess Prize in Political Science: Rudraj Koppikar

Robert F. Seibert Prize: Abigail N. Breslin

Preceptorial Writing

Proctor Fenn Sherwin Prize in First-Year Writing: Anokhi C. Molligoda

Pre-Med (Medical Sciences)

Sylvia & Irwin Jaffe Memorial Prize: Makailee S. Brown


Robert Stevens Harper Prize for Graduate Study in Psychology: Jonathan E. Doriscar, Madeline G. Tucker

Robert Stevens Harper Prize for Outstanding Psychology Senior Research Poster: Kathryn Sue Anderson, River Smith

Edith Powers Van Dyke Memorial Award in Psychology: Jonathan E. Doriscar


Colton Prize for Excellence in Public Performance: Nicodemus Baron Meade-Greenman

Linda Elizabeth Karger Award in the Theatre Arts: Zachary V. Farmer

Van Clute Prize: Jena M. Bettner

Jean Bloomquist McBath Memorial Production Award in Studio Theatre: Kate E. Pepper

Research Awards

David R. Arnold Research Award: Elise O. Hanson

General ASSET Award, supported by the Richter Memorial Trust: Minh Thy Nguyen Le, Jia Yi Self

Baker-Velde Student Research Fund: Carlotta J. Horvath

Special Award

Stroben Award for Entrepreneurship: Eli J. Adamson, Behrooz Dinyarian, Kelly E. Fisk, Hieu U. Quach, Akihiro Wakayama

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Printed on Friday, June 24, 2022