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Students Experience Micro-Internships Through KnoXplorations

KnoXplorations is a program designed by the Bastian Family Center for Career Success and the Office of Alumni Engagement, which provides students with remote micro-internships across the country.

Karla Perez ’25

Digital Content Marketing & "Go-To-Market" Internship with Minerva Advisory Services, LLC, and Targeted Marketing Campaign Intern for Wedding Venue with Reserve Artisan Ales & The Vault

Perez 25 took part in two projects with KnoXplorations this year. The first was hosted by Minerva Advisory Services, LLC, based in Pennsylvania, where Perez acted as the assistant manager and aided with research for a book authored by the host, pitched proposals to potential investors, and helped design marketing projects for the same. The second project involved revamping a website for Reserve Artisan Ales and the Vault, a microbrewery and event space in Galesburg, helping them promote their new venture into the wedding industry. 

“Both projects provided me with exceptional learning opportunities. For instance with Minerva, LLC, I learned the importance of networking in the business world and had the opportunity to connect with new co-workers on a weekly basis. The second project was more challenging because getting websites to match on different display screens was exhausting and required a great deal of patience. However, it was extremely rewarding when it finally fit together and I learned new styles and techniques because I had to use a new platform for the designing!”

Hayden Fay ’24 

Social Media Content Creation with Seminary Street Merchant Association

The Seminary Street Merchant Association in Galesburg was looking to update its Instagram page over the winter.  Fay '24 helped the association with the project by adapting and revising videos. 

“I have been teaching myself how to use Adobe Premiere Pro for a few months now, but being in a professional setting accelerated this process. I also learned how to edit faster, making me a more efficient editor altogether. Moreover, I learned how to set my own deadlines and manage my time better. This was possible because the hosts of the program were reassuring and positive. They helped me explore my creativity by giving me the space to work on my own, but also checking in regularly to ensure things were flowing smoothly.” 

Sarah Strauss ’26

Class Action Lawsuit Legal Treatise with Lear Werts, LLP

As a research assistant for Lear Werts, LLP, based in Missouri, Strauss 26 had the opportunity to explore the legal world. Her role involved reading and summarizing class action lawsuits and identifying important precedence involved in the cases. For Strauss, this project was a venture into something completely new and exciting. 

“I really delved into the functions of the court system. It was a steep learning curve and I had to deal with a lot of the technical jargon. In fact, for my very first project, I had to research a lot on my own to understand the cases and work through the content. However, I learned how to analyze academic writing and draw connections between different areas of knowledge, which are skills that would be beneficial over a variety of different career paths.”

Vineet Singh ’26

Website Design with Lead PT CEUs

Singh ‘26 worked with Lead PT CEUs to design a fully functioning website using multiple coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. As an avid coder, Singh previously worked on many websites, and this project was another opportunity to hone his skills.

“I coded several websites before, but I  never worked with a team. This experience gave me the opportunity to build my teamwork skills and improve my communication and coordination. This was especially beneficial to me because I understand that I will have to work in large groups in the future. Under the guidance of our mentor, I think we successfully designed a website from scratch and I couldn’t be more proud.”

Selene Chew ’26

#KnoxProud Day Event and Communications Planning with the Knox College Office of Advancement and Social Media Marketing with Community Treasures 

Chew ’26 took part in two projects with KnoXplorations. Her first role was with the Office of Advancement at Knox, where she assisted in the planning of Founders Day and Knox Proud Day, by drafting emails and brainstorming with the team. Her second project was with Community Treasures, a thrift store in downtown Galesburg, where she helped design content for their Instagram page. 

“Working on both projects was extremely rewarding, especially since collaborating with others meant that all my work would actually affect more than just me. This encouraged me to organize my schedule more efficiently, which is an important skill that leads to success. There were times that I did have mental blocks, but with the support of my supervisors, who then bounced ideas back and forth, we would come up with a solution.”

Hannah Froming ’23

Merchandise Design with The Orpheum Theatre

Froming worked with the Orpheum Theatre in Galesburg to help design logos and merchandise, such as t-shirts and bags. She hopes to work as a product designer in the future, and has already helped design products for Knox clubs such as Terpsichore Dance Collective. This project was ideal for Froming to gain professional experience. 

“The project combined my interests, goals, and experience into a single activity. I worked at my own pace and the hosts of the program gave me the freedom to undertake my creative adventures. Moreover, I learned how to use vectors to design better-quality graphics more efficiently. Essentially, the program gave me an insight into how the different elements of business can be brought into a visual landscape in a professional environment.”

Mohammad Munir ‘25

Correlation and Causation in Large Data Sets with Ronin Audio Productions

Munir, who plans to major in data science, worked with Ronin Audio productions based in New York, to conduct statistical analysis to facilitate business decisions. The study looked at the correlation between diseases such as septicemia, diabetes, and influenza and death rates between 2020 and 2022. Munir’s role was to outline the monthly costs for purchase, registration, insurance, and any costs associated with federal and state compliance. The project employed various technical skills such as data cleaning, collection, and visualization. 

“I gained several skills from the project related to the field that I would like to work in in the future. Since I had a great deal of independence and control over the project, I also learned to make guidelines and timelines for myself which helped me better evaluate and organize my time. At the same time, the hosts were supportive and prompted me with guidance when I needed it.”  

Kris Pandey ’25

Marketing A BOOK by ME with Understanding Works NFP

Pandey ’25 worked with a newly formed publishing company, Understanding Works NFP, to learn the fundamentals of editing and marketing for the A BOOK by ME project, which encourages young students to identify heroes in their communities, such as World War veterans. As a creative writing and English literature double major who wishes to pursue a career in publishing and editing, the experience formed the perfect opportunity for Pandey to learn and be introduced to the working world. 

“Working in a team is very different to working in a professional session. There is a great deal more responsibility and expectation from the team. I was fortunate to have wonderful hosts, who listened to my ideas and were open to my suggestions. The experience was certainly enlightening. I’m glad I could use my winter break productively.” 

Alexis Rangel 23 

Standard Operating Procedure Documentation Creation with Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank

Rangel ’23 worked with Loving Bottoms Diaper Bank in Galesburg to organize logistical information, such as donor and donation details. The Bastian Family Centre for Career Success connected her with the project when she reached out to them for help with resume building. 

“I have learned how to better communicate because of this project. Since the project was remote and lacked the physical aspect, it was important to have clear and concise communication. I learned that I thrive in and work best in-person which is important when choosing a workplace. Overall, the experience helped me better understand the nuances of working in the professional world and how I would find my place in it.”   

Nysa Phulwar ’26

Marketing Plan Creation with Hidden Hills Vineyard and Winery and Marketing--Website and Brochure Improvement with Living Vine Mental Health Ministries

Phulwar ’26 worked on two projects with KnoXplorations. The first project involved creating a detailed marketing plan for Hidden Hills Winery in Knoxville, Illinois, including budgeting and content design. The second project involved redesigning a website as well as creating a brochure and logo for Living Vine Mental Health Ministries, which is based in Holland, Michigan. 

“Both experiences were extremely enriching. As a business management minor, it was great to be able to apply what I have learned in class to the real world. I was surprised that a lot of the content we’ve been taught works well and is useful in the working world. The second project, on the other hand, helped me exercise my creative skills. I think both projects helped me practice useful skills that are not only helpful for a potential career but also in my daily life. Completing my tasks from halfway across the world, planning and organization were two extremely crucial skills that I developed further owing to the projects.” 

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Printed on Wednesday, June 12, 2024