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Knox College students and staff help new students move into their rooms on campus and begin orientation activities to start the 2018-19 academic year.


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New Students Welcomed to Knox for 2018-19 Academic Year

Knox College students and staff help new students move into their rooms on campus and begin orientation activities to start the 2018-19 academic year.

President Teresa Amott and other College officials formally welcomed almost 400 first-year and transfer students to the Knox College community on Saturday, September 8, 2018.

“Starting today, you all have a second home here in Galesburg, Illinois,” President Amott said.

“We all learn together here,” she added. “Every day, you will have an opportunity to learn.”

She encouraged the new students, who represent the 180th class to enter Knox, to be active participants in their education and to ask questions, research answers, follow their curiosity, and learn “from the people least like you.”

Provost and Dean of the College Garikai Campbell, who joined Knox during the summer, told the incoming students: “Like you, I am new.” He encouraged them to “have a go” while at Knox—in other words, to be willing to pursue new experiences and opportunities and to recognize that they will make mistakes along the way.

Many of the newest members of the Knox community moved onto campus on Saturday, while others—including fall sports athletes, students participating in the TRIO and SPARK programs, and international students—arrived earlier this summer.

For the next few days, the new students will participate in orientation activities designed to help them learn about each other and the Knox community. Some of the recently arrived students answered a few questions about their Knox plans and experiences so far.

What are your impressions of Knox?

"It’s very welcoming. Everybody seems genuinely nice. It’s homey, it’s pretty, it’s kept up." —Takira Koonce, a transfer student from Miami, Florida.

“I love it, especially being here a week early. I’ve already gotten to know some of the professors."—Adrian Sancen, a first-year student from Chicago, Illinois, who participated in the SPARK program.

“I really love the environment here. It’s such a positive vibe. I really love my room. Everything I had in my suitcase fit. I really love the food."—Sijal Dhakal, a first-year student from Nepal.

What clubs and organizations are you thinking of joining?

“I want to go to the Photography Club and Film Club. There are so many options here.” —Shuchita Poddar, a first-year student from India.

“There’s a dance group I want to know about, and other than that whatever else interests me.” —Jaelyn Harry, a first-year student from Aurora, Colorado.

“My theory is that I’ll join one club every day for the first two weeks that I’m here, and then I’ll figure out what I like and don’t.” —Adam Rothkopf, a first-year student from Miami, Florida.

What's one thing you couldn't leave home without?

“My motorcycle.” —Zac Potter, a transfer student from Crestone, Colorado.

“Honestly, my phone.” —Tory Weidner, a first-year student from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

“Instruments. I brought a guitar and a ukulele in the back of my car, [and I have] some drumsticks, in case I can do some percussion, maybe form a band here.” —Andy Pawlisz, a first-year student from Naperville, Illinois.

What's on your Knox bucket list?

“Playing baseball, meeting new friends, going through rush in the spring, getting to know professors, and taking new classes.” —Joey Salazar, a first-year student from Denver, Colorado.

Study abroad. I want to do some program that does that, not sure where yet. I saw the grants for study abroad online and it had to do with my coming here.” —Britney Salinas, a first-year student from Lindenwood, Illinois.

“Tour the city of Galesburg.” —Caleb Moore, a first-year student from Mount Olive, Illinois.

Here are some key facts about the Fall 2018 entering class:

Number of new students: 380

Students of Color: 38%

  • Latino/Hispanic: 16%
  • Asian/Pacific Islander: 10%
  • African-American/Black: 14%
  • Native American: <1%

International Students: 14%

Number of States and Territories Represented: 34

Number of Countries Represented: 21

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