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Rehearsal of a work in Knox College's New Plays Festival


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Knox College New Plays Festival 2016

Every week: New plays, new playwrights, new directors

Rehearsal of a work in Knox College's New Plays Festival

Every week in April and May 2016, the Knox College Theatre Department's New Plays Festival features new works, new playwrights, new directors, presented free and open to the public in Studio Theatre.

The plays were selected by Reading Committee: Neil Blackadder, professor of theatre; Sherwood Kiraly writer-in-residence; Alison Diamond '14, Oakton Reynolds '15; and students Michelle Secunda and Karli Shields.

Most of the shows are presented as rehearsed readings or staged readings. Class years are given for Knox alumni playwrights.

April 1-2

by Miranda Curtis '18; directed by Ellie Davis
Ella - Djaq Morris
Gabe - Micah Snow

by Niki Acton '16; directed by Sophia Utpadel
Tucker - Gilberto Martinez
Lucy - Elizabeth Tweedy

Basement; A Parable
by Isaac Allen Miller '12; directed by Tristan Yi
Gracie - Sarah Lowe
Christian - Trevor Marshall
Johan - Michelangelo Pori
Maria - Ren Barkey
Diana - Emma Van Steenwyk

by Jessie Salsbury '99; directed by Holden Meier
Woman - Peibulu Koroye

April 8-9

Speed Dating
by Michelle Secunda; directed by Michelangelo Pori
Jason - Peter Rule
Issie - Lara Braverman
Kayleigh - Lara Brewner
Henry - Ben Rezko
Sterling - McLeod Sumner
Bartender - Micah Snow

Titans of the Savannah
by Aidan Murphy; directed by David Petrak
June - Jennie Jeoung
British Announcer - Hanna Levine
Jacob - Olivia Theil
Jared - Trevor Marshal

Spider Play
by Michael Smith '94; directed by Aidan Murphy
Heidi - Jordan Hurst
Earl - Zak Metalsky
Carl - Noah Quilantan
Real Serious Guy - Willa Coufal

April 15-16

Steve, You're Drunk
by Connor Schmidt '14; directed by August Anderson
Sam - Tony Rodge-Hinderliter
Steve - Peter Rule

Coffee For Two
by Laura Myers '15; directed by Padraig Sullivan
Matthew - Holden Meier
Hayley - Ren Barkey

Oceans Between Bones
by Sofia Drummond-Moore; directed by Caleb Awe
Violet - Sarah Lowe
Jacob - Ian Tully
June- Amy Lentz
Tuesday - Jayel Gant
Taylor - Eli Adams
Man in the Long Dark Coat - Zak Metalsky

April 2-23

After It Ends
by Courtney Meaker '08; directed by Zak Metalsky
Bex - Shannon Mindlin
Chesney - Jordan Hurst
Morgan - Noah Quilantan
Narrator - Hanna Levine

Red Wolf
by Madison Mondeaux '15; directed by Theresa Murphy
Red Wolf - Ian Tully
Bill - Ben Rezko
Evelyn - Dani Fraser
Kristen - Emma Van Steenwyk
Miranda - Chloë Vollenweider
Jamie - Jayel Gant

April 29-30

by Danny Finn Donnelly; directed by Ian Tully
Apollo - Shashank Neelagiri
Luna - Ngan Le

by Madison Mondeaux '15; directed by Sarah Lowe
Rachel - Natalie Polechonski
Tabitha - Molly Jennings
Tanya - Claire Novick
Landlord - Tristan Yi
Beckett - Holden Meier

May 6-7

by Caroline Castro '11; directed by Chloë Vollenweider
Roger - Gilberto Martinez
Oma - Elizabeth Tweedy
Mermaid - Natalie Polechonski
Emma - Lillie Chamberlin
Linda - Dani Fraser
Alba - Djaq Morris

May 13-14

Chaos Theory
by Courtney Meaker '08; directed by Elizabeth Tweedy
Frannie - Ellie Davis
Bach - Eli Adams
Seth - Tristan Yi
Josie/Mack/Laurel - Peibulu Koroye
Narrator - Maty Ortega

May 19-21

Hug It Out
by Sherwood Kiraly '72; directed by Megan Smith
Cyn - Elizabeth Carlin-Metz
Jimmy - Sherwood Kiraly
Kacky - Lillie Chamberlin
Ogilvie - McLeod Sumner

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Rehearsal of a work in the Knox College New Plays Festival

#Rehearsal of a work in the Knox College New Plays Festival

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