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Miguel Zenón Quartet Caps off Exciting 2023 Mirza Jazz Residency

The Mirza Jazz Residency concluded Friday, January 13, with an exciting performance by the Miguel Zenón Quartet, the Cherry St. Combo, and the Knox Jazz Ensemble at the Orpheum Theatre. The performances capped off a week of workshops and jam sessions for Knox students led by members of the quartet: Miguel Zenón (saxophone), Luis Perdomo (piano), Henry Cole (drums), and Hans Glawischnig (bass).

Andy Crawford, managing director of jazz and instrumental programs who organized the residency, says that the week went as well as he could have hoped. He felt that the students who took part in the various workshops were thoroughly engaged. 

Knox students at Lombard Middle School

“I felt really listened to when [Miguel] gave critiques; it was clear he wanted to find the best way for us to improve,” Brandon Roberts ’24 said. “As for the concert on Friday, I was absolutely blown away. The music was incredible, the chemistry and energy on stage were perfect, the message of the music was powerful—I loved every second.”

The Mirza Jazz Residency was truly awesome this year! I got some really cool insights from Miguel and his band, and we played some really cool music. The performance was one of the most fun ones I've done in a while,” Sophia Elswick ’23 said.

Knox students at Lombard Middle School

Over 350 people attended the Friday night concert at the Orpheum Theatre.

Knox students at Lombard Middle School

“It was a really good crowd. The Knox Jazz Ensemble sounded as good as they have in years. There was such good energy,” Crawford said. “Ten years in, no one residency has been similar to any of the others. It’s exciting.”

Knox students at Lombard Middle School

“I was so excited to take part in this. Miguel is amazing. I think this whole week of learning is something I may never get to experience again. It’s great,” Eileen Sheets ’26 said. 

Knox students at Lombard Middle School

“It’s really amazing to work with all of these young musicians,” Zenón said following a saxophone workshop. “It’s always inspiring to meet so many new people and see where they’re coming from. It’s always surprising, it’s been so fun.” 

Knox students at Lombard Middle School

“It was great getting so much specific advice from Miguel. It gave me a new way to think about my practice routines,” Trinity Slavic ’26 said. 

The 2023 Mirza Jazz Residency was made possible by the support from the Jerome Mirza Foundation of Bloomington, Illinois. 

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Printed on Wednesday, June 12, 2024