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Playwrights Workshop the previous spring at Knox College.


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Knox College New Plays Festival 2013

Works written by students, faculty, and alumni, April 12 through May 25

Playwrights Workshop the previous spring at Knox College.

The Knox College New Plays Festival will feature works written by Knox students, faculty, and alumni in a series of readings and performances from April 12 through May 25.

Initiated this year, the New Plays Festival solicited original works written by Knox students, faculty, and alumni. Throughout spring term, the Knox theatre department will present staged readings and productions featuring students and faculty, in Harbach and Studio theatres in Ford Center for the Fine Arts.

Some performances will be staged readings, in which the actors may use scripts, while others will be partially staged or fully staged productions.

All performances are free and open to the public.

April 12, 13 - 7:30 p.m. in Studio Theatre
Henry Moore is Melting by Jenny Seidelman '99, staged reading directed by Isaac Miller '12. Cast: Jorge Guzman ~ Surge; Micah Snow-Cobb ~ Tommy; Sammie Zimay ~ Carrie; Isaac Miller ~ Charlie; Professor Sherwood Kiraly ~ Jimmy; Mitch Wise ~ Finn; Boe Chiml ~ Mack.
Mitch in the Morning by Joel Pierson '89,  staged reading directed by Jordyn Stewart '13. Cast: Neil Phelps ~ Mitch, Miranda Loeber ~ JC; Philip Chau ~ Dave; Caleb Awe ~ Kevin; Jo Neiderhoff ~ Ellen; Jackie Hewelet ~ Grunt; Hollie Dyer ~ Lisa; Allison Diamond ~ Beth.

April 19, 20 - 7:30 p.m. in Studio Theatre
Portrait of a Ukulelist by Becky Gonshak '15, barestage production directed by Holden Meier '16. Cast: Ned Babbott ~ Nick; Carly Berinstein ~ Tori; Elizabeth Tweedy ~ Amanda; Alessandra Power, Michelle Secunda, Maggie Veach ~ Ensemble.
Sips and Drags by Isaac Miller '12, barestage production directed by Jon Hewelt '13. Cast: Rosie Castle ~ June; Jacob Clay ~ James; Arthur Pascale ~ Alex; Andrew Cook ~ Noah; Mike Sprinkle ~ Sam.

April 26, 27 - 7:30 p.m. in Harbach Theatre
Filthy Hands by Dan Blask '96, staged reading directed by Connor Schmidt '14. Cast: Paula Castanos ~ Annabelle; Philip Chau ~ Derrick; Ashley Hamilton ~ Diane; Steve Selwa ~ Senator.
A Good Roll by Oscar Hallas '15, staged reading directed by Becky Gonshak '15. Cast: Andrew Purvis ~ Charlie; Katie Greve ~ Jack; Jackie Hewelt ~ Andrew, John; Jessica Robinson ~ Emily; Alessandra Power ~ Sarah, Lily; Alyssa Gill ~ Vicky, Lena, Michela; Paula Castanos ~ Erin, Lauren; Jacob Clay ~ Mike, Steven, Gabe; Isaac Miller ~ Bryce; Aaron Schiffman ~ Vince, Travis; Sam Auch ~ Jenny; Emily Passarelli ~ Anna, Izzy; Oscar Hallas ~ Mark, Robby.
On the Day of the Shooting by Noah Devros '15, staged reading directed by Ivan Keta '13. Cast: Mitch Fischer ~ Carlton; Rachel Fisher ~ Secretary Price; Nathan Johlas ~ Paul Stanning; Morgan Jellison ~ Perkins; Sophia Utpadel ~ Orin; Jonathan Plotnick ~ Standford; Holden Meier ~ Tom, Sam; Ivy Krill ~ Maddox, Grodon.

May 3, 4 - 7:30 p.m. in Harbach Theatre
Peloponnesus by Tim Lord '98, staged reading directed by Neil Blackadder, professor of theatre. Summary: The Southern Illinois towns of New Athens and Sparta share a lot of history. When New Athens native Tom returns after years of running away from his past and gets involved with Rachel, a Sparta girl with quite a past of her own, everyone begins to understand just how unrelenting history can be. The play is recommended for mature audiences. It contains strong language, and depictions of drug use and theatrical violence. About the Author: Tim J. Lord received his bachelor's degree from Knox in theatre and English literature. A native of St. Louis, he is a graduate of the MFA Playwriting program at UCSD, and currently lives in New York and works with theatre companies nationwide. Cast: Hollie Dyer ~ Stage Directions; Amber Simon ~ Woman 1; Micah Snow-Cobb ~ Man 1; Corey Tatz ~ Man 2; Julie Wertheimer ~ Woman 2; Avecena Hollingsworth ~ Rachel; Tyler Sauter ~ Tom; Mitchell Wise ~ Jared.

May 9, 10, 11 - 7:30 p.m. in Studio Theatre
The Mumbling Waitress by Hali Engelman '13, barestage production directed by Isaac Miller '12. Cast: Mitch Fischer ~ Man 2; Jackie Hewelt ~ Bob; Jonathan Plotnick ~ Man 1; Hannah Tochtrop ~ Waitress.
Scared Money by Sherwood Kiraly '72, visiting instructor in English and theatre and writer-in-residence, partially staged production directed by Autumn McGarr '13 and Markie Jo Crismon '14. Summary: A comedy about six characters in search of a hidden item in a university library. One of them is a faculty member who is having an affair with one of his graduate students. About the Author: Sherwood Kiraly is a novelist, screenwriter, playwright and visiting instructor and writer-in-residence at Knox College. Cast: Isaac Miller ~ Walter; Emily Passarelli ~ Audrey; Alexia Vasilopoulos ~ V; Nicole Acton ~ Claire; Morgan Jellison ~ Curtis; Neil Phelps ~ Sonny.

May 16, 17, 18 - 7:30 p.m. in Harbach Theatre
Summer Song by Jon Hewelt '13, barestage production directed by Kathleen Gullion '14. Cast: Sophia Click ~ Maggie; Mya Kahler ~ Elanor.
McComb 1964 by Niki Acton '16, partially staged production directed by Emily Antoff '15. Cast: Kathleen Gullion ~ Margo; Chloe Luetkemeyer ~ Tess; Jessica Robinson ~ Sylvia; Jordyn Stewart ~ June; Sophia Utpadel ~ Celia; Olivia Wondu ~ Birdie; Caleb Awe ~ Chief Warren; Rose Dolezal ~ Helen; Mike Sprinkle ~ Baylor; Melvin Taylor ~ Dean; Elivabeth Tweedy ~ Clerk.

May 23, 24, 25 - 7:30 p.m. in Studio Theatre
Crash by Sunny Bow Mar Lake by Ben Lee '12, fully staged production directed by Elizabeth Carlin Metz, Smith V. Brand Endowed Chair in Theatre Arts. Cast: Ned Babbott ~ AJ; Sam Butler ~ Sherry; Andrew Cook ~ Allen; Natalie Polechonski ~ Mack; Jeri Murphy ~ Jenna.

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