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Ford Center for the Fine Arts

Knox Campus Transformations Underway

Several construction and renovation projects aimed at enhancing campus facilities and accessibility are underway at Knox this summer. 

Here's a rundown of what's happening:

First-Year Residence Hall Updates

A comprehensive refresh project is underway for the first-year residence halls, including Elder-Campbell, Sherwin-Neifert-Furrow, Conger-Neal, and Raub-Sellew. Updates include:

  • New furniture in common spaces and rooms
  • New flooring
  • Updated fixtures
  • Bathroom remodeling and additional accessible rooms (Elder-Campbell, Sherwin-Neifert-Furrow)

Existing furniture will be donated to the Chicago Homeless Bank Coalition to avoid waste.

George Davis Hall Elevator Installation

Work began June 10, 2024, in George Davis Hall on the installation of a new elevator that will provide access to all floors, ensuring accessibility for all members of the community. This project will require modifications to office and classroom spaces, specifically chosen to minimize disruption. Entrances will also be updated to be more accessible. 

Work will proceed until September 1, with a temporary pause during the fall semester to accommodate classes. Final work will resume over winter break.

Ford Center for the Fine Arts Air Handler Replacement

The Ford Center for the Fine Arts will receive a significant upgrade with the replacement of its air handler units. This improvement aims to stabilize temperatures and humidity levels, which is crucial for preserving theater props and musical instruments. The new system will offer more sophisticated climate control. Work on this replacement will take place throughout the summer. 

Future Campus Accessibility Projects

Looking ahead, additional accessibility improvement projects are planned across campus. From sidewalks to handrails, smaller accessibility improvements will be installed based on the results of the recent campus study. Specific plans are still being developed, with smaller-scale projects happening over time. 

These updates reflect Knox College's commitment to creating a more accessible and welcoming environment for all students and staff. Stay tuned for more updates as these exciting projects progress throughout the summer.

You can also follow our progress on the Campus Updates Blog.

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Printed on Monday, July 22, 2024