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Interfaith Dialogue for Challenging Times

October 05, 2017

Interfaith Amigos

by Tricia Duke '19

The Interfaith Amigos, an inter-religious group consisting of three spiritual leaders, will lecture and discuss the importance and execution of interfaith dialogue at Knox College on October 18. "Interfaith Dialogue for Challenging Times," will take place in Kresge Recital Hall at 7 p.m. and is free and open to the public.

The Interfaith Amigos include Rabbi Ted Falson, Imam Jamal Rahman, and Pastor Don Mackenzie. Through their presentations, The Interfaith Amigos aim to give people a place to learn and engage with the concept of interfaith dialogue.

"When 9/11 revealed a far more serious kind of stuckness," Rabbi Ted Falcon said in the group's University of Denver TED talk, "I immediately called Jamal." Imam Jamal Rhaman came to Rabbi Falcon's service that week. "It was crucial to form a more authentic face of Islam," Falcon said.

"Then we became good friends with Pastor Don Mackenzie," said Rahman in the same talk, "And soon I realized that Ted and Don are some of the best Muslims I know."

Rahman explained how the word "Muslim" means "one who has surrendered the worship of their ego." To The Interfaith Amigos, distinctions such as this are part of recognizing each religion for its "true core values" rather than where it has "gone astray."

The Interfaith Amigos have written three books, Getting to the Heart of Interfaith, Religion Gone Astray, and Finding Peace through Spiritual Practice, which detail both why interfaith dialogue matters and how they have found success in the activity.

Pastor Don Mackenzie, Ph.D., lives in Minneapolis and devotes himself to interfaith work after retiring as minister and head of staff at Seattle's University Congregational United Church of Christ.

Imam Jamal Rahman is co-founder and Muslim Sufi minister of Interfaith Community Sanctuary in Seattle, and he serves as adjunct faculty at Seattle University.

Rabbi Ted Falcon, Ph.D., spiritual guide, teacher, therapist, and co-author of Judaism for Dummies, has taught Jewish traditions of Kabbalah, meditation, and spirituality since the 1970s.

The October 18 presentation is made possible by the Knox College Office of Spiritual Life, First Lutheran Church, Trinity Lutheran Church, and Temple Sholom.

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#“How is it with our beautiful core teachings, we’re in the shape we’re in, and our world is in the shape it’s in?” — Rabbi Ted Falcon, 2012 Ranier TED Talk

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