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The Fullbridge program builds on Knox's core focus on critical thinking skills.


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Intensive Program Helps Students Develop Global Marketplace Skills

October 21, 2015

The Fullbridge program builds on Knox's core focus on critical thinking skills.

About 30 Knox College sophomores sharpened their communication, presentation, and teamwork skills during an intensive, skills-based program designed to give them a better understanding of how to succeed in the global marketplace.

The six-day Fullbridge program, which took place just before Fall Term started, built upon Knox's core focus on critical thinking skills to help prepare students to enter the professional business world.

Students participating in the program found themselves working in assigned teams on projects requiring them to hone skills in business, finance, marketing, and innovation. One project, for example, required students to pair up and, using construction paper, design wallets for each other—with the designs reflecting each individual's needs and preferences.

"It's amazing what you can take away in just these few days," said Jackson Faulkner ‘18. "Something as simple as learning how to properly compose an email in the business universe can definitely save you long-term stress."

Sofia Tagkaloglou ‘18 said she gained a particular appreciation of other people and what they can contribute in a workplace environment.

"It's just so much about collaboration. That's how the real world is," she said. "The important thing was that we all had to work together. You had to accommodate other people and their ideas."

Fullbridge facilitators and coaches Valerie Griffin and Melissa Webster, who have extensive professional experience in business, finance, and marketing, said they were impressed by the Knox students.

"These students are hungry to learn. They're engaged. They are very respectful of the learning environment," said Griffin, a former private wealth manager with Goldman Sachs. "What they're doing in a week's time is almost like a mini-MBA."

Webster praised the students' teamwork skills, which will serve them well in the workplace.

She added: "The key thing is we want them to be able to go into a corporation or a nonprofit or whatever organization they go to and be a stronger contributor, a more savvy employee, teammate."

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