Friends and family greeted their students on Family & Friends Weekend. #


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Family & Friends Weekend 2017

October 03, 2017

Friends and family greeted their students on Family & Friends Weekend.

by Elise Goitia '18

Brunch with faculty and senior staff, a PB&J Cook-Off, Prairie Fire athletic events, the chance to attend classes, a family photo session, and the Galesburg Food Truck and Art Festival were just a few of the events during this year's Family & Friends Weekend.

"Connecting friends and family to the Knox community brings greater awareness of what the students here are accomplishing and what they have going on, both in their academic and co-curricular lives," said Coordinator of Student Engagement Andrew Salemi.

Veronica Sefic '21 and Sophia Venters-Sefic '21 were visited by their parents, Aleta Sefic and Craig Lewis, from their hometown of Denver, Colorado. The PB&J cook-off was the first event they attended, and the group also planned on playing the Roommate Game and visiting the Share Shop and the Food Truck and Art Festival.

"My mom made a PB&J that looked like a Knox fox," said Venters-Sefic. "It had peanut butter on the inside with the eyes like jelly. It's really cool to have them here."

"It's great to see them," added Lewis. "They look healthy, and that's what matters. They seem really happy, and everyone we've met is really nice, kind, approachable, and accessible."

First-year student Simone Boyd's mother, father, aunt, uncle, cousin, and grandmother came to visit for the weekend with an itinerary to explore campus and Galesburg.

"She's my hero," said Scott Boyd about his daughter. "We're very excited to see her moved in. She has a dog at home, so we brought the dog to her."

Taharka Baraka '18 had his grandparents, mother, and brother visit during the weekend to show their support.

"It's nice to see the family," said Baraka. "I miss them, they miss me. Unlike a lot of first-years whose parents bring things that they're missing, they're just here to see me."

"Knox has a very strong, supportive environment that he wouldn't have gotten at a larger school," added Mildred Trent, Baraka's grandmother. "And now he's made it to his senior year, which is very exciting."

Bill Trent, Baraka's grandfather, recalled when Baraka had a jazz radio show through the student-run radio station WVKC, and the family would have people over to listen to it online at home in Urbana, Illinois.

"It's nice to be here and see him in person," Trent said. "I'm glad he's been busy and I think he's had a number of opportunities to be creative."

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