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Familial Knox Teammates Share Success During Women’s Basketball Season

Strong team chemistry was a key reason for the success of the Prairie Fire’s Women’s Basketball team this season. 

Individual accolades were plentiful. Within the Midwestern Conference (MWC), Sarina Dacio ’24 tied 1st for 3-point shots made/game, Cambria Medina ’27 ranked 1st in assist and turnover ratio and 2nd in points/ games, and Kylee Callahan ’26 scored 3rd in points/game. Medina also received the Newcomer of the Year award, the same as her cousin Callahan did the year before. Callahan appreciated the opportunity to play alongside her cousin and her sister Mae Callahan ’24. “Bria and I both played on the same club team for about 10-ish years, so we had a chemistry together. I knew her coming in would benefit us,” she said. 

The team closed out the year ranked second in the MWC, adding to a string of successful seasons. The team also finished the season with several acclamations, including offense, steals, and assists in the conference and fifth in free throws made per game nationally out of 422 teams. One major highlight of the season came in the form of an opportunity to play against Division 1 school St. Louis University, providing an incredible experience during a live broadcast on ESPN+. 

Dacio credits Women’s Basketball Coach Seth McDowell in his role for the team’s success, “He is very passionate. He would listen to what we wanted to do and ask ‘what do you guys think we should do?’” she said. 

McDowell says he appreciated the team’s hard work all season and acknowledges that while there were challenges, they came together to succeed.  “The players did a great job embracing the change of style and culture which is a testament to the makeup of them as individuals.  Many people doubted us throughout the season, but we embraced the underdog mentality and proved a lot of people wrong,” he said. 

Nyah Daniels ’24 says varsity players took responsibility into their own hands during the offseason, beginning training and preparing the team until Women’s Basketball Coach Seth McDowell joined the team in October of 2023. Creating an element of trust, supporting each other, and standing up for what they believed in helped the team connect and create a winning culture. “There are two things needed to succeed, a team with a good bond and a coach that believes in you,” Daniels said. “We had to come together as a team and fight through it, not be against each other, and just have fun.”

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Printed on Monday, May 20, 2024