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Chuck Schulz received the Faculty Achievement Award at Knox College Commencement 2017.


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Schulz Awarded 2017 Faculty Achievement Award

Chuck Schulz received the Faculty Achievement Award at Knox College Commencement 2017.

Citation read by Diana Beck, George Appleton Lawrence Distinguished Service Professor

The Faculty Achievement Award is given annually to a faculty member nominated by his or her peers and selected by the Faculty Personnel Committee. The award is for distinguished achievement in research, teaching, and/or service to the College.

A tradition that is part of reading this citation is that the presenter tries to withhold the identity of the recipient for as long as possible, giving clues, but keeping the audience in suspense.

You may raise your hand when you think you have the correct name of the recipient.

This faculty member's voice has been heard ringing out in the classroom and in the Community Chorus for many years. A Friend to all, from Sunrise to sundown he has Rotated through many positions of service in the community and the College.

There were a lot of clues there. I see no hands.

A department chair for 25 years and mentor to grateful colleagues, this person has taught nearly every course in the department. This person has served on many committees, and indeed few faculty members have ever served on more committees simultaneously than this colleague. But this colleague would say that what appears simultaneous is merely a function of your frame of reference.

Still no hands?

Perhaps some would be surprised to learn that the largest internal molecular magnetic field ever observed was first measured at Knox College by this scientist. This colleague's extraordinary research productivity is a model and inspiration for us all. It is usual for this colleague to have four or five publications a year. In one year this scientist churned out nine. And this in addition to numerous grants and presentations.

And furthermore, this scientist's knowledge of advising matters and College regulations is legendary. If there ever is a question about what to do or how to do it concerning College rules and regulations, this person is everyone's "go to" guy. Perhaps this is related to his service as the College Registrar for the past five years.

I am delighted to present this year's Faculty Achievement Award to Professor of Physics, my friend and great good colleague, Dr. Charles E. Schulz.

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Printed on Monday, October 25, 2021