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Alumni Gather to Celebrate Repertory Theatre Term

Alumni share memories of Repertory Theatre Terms past and celebrate the present with current students.

March 06, 2013

Rep Term ReunionAlumni gathered in studio theatre on March 2 to share memories of Repertory Theatre Terms past and to celebrate the present with current students. Rep Term, as the term is commonly known, is the only undergraduate theatre program in the United States that combines academic study in theatre with all of the business that is vital to operating a professional repertory theatre company. The 10-week Rep Term takes place every three years on the Knox campus.

Ivan Davidson talks with students and alumni"Every Rep Term has its own special personality, and I think one of the successes of Rep Term is that each time it's revisited and re-examined and reworked," said Repertory Term Co-Founder and Professor Emeritus Ivan Davidson to the assembled group. "Of all the memories that I have of Rep Term, the one that sticks with me the most was that tremendous high on opening night and you see that show, and you think, 'we did all of this.' The pride of seeing that show come alive through you is an incredible thing that you will never forget."

The event, which commemorated the 43rd anniversary of the theatre-intensive program, allowed alumni to reflect on how Rep Term enriched their Knox experiences and prepared them for the post-diploma world.

JJesse Dabsonesse Dabson '83
Realtor, 17 years television and film actor, Los Angeles

"Rep Term gave me a level of confidence and reinforced that intrepid nature I have had. It showed me I could do a bunch of different things and be successful at them.... I'd definitely recommend coming to Knox for Rep Term. I think it's an invaluable tool. As far as programming goes, I don't think you'll find anything like it anywhere else. I don't think you'll find a college that does that sort of intensive and all-around training."

Nathan Thompson '05
Actor, Chicago

Jess Drew '07 and Nathan Thompson '05"There are some very marked similarities between professional theatre and Rep Term -- how you handle yourself, how you deal with crises and the unexpected. It really asks you to focus on the play and the show and make sure that you're giving the best performance that you can while helping everybody else. That's very much professional theatre right there."

Jess Drew '07
Pursuing master's in theatre history, theory and literature, Indiana University.

"It prepared me for the insanity of the professional costume shop and how to work professionally with people in the industry who expect no less than perfection. It really taught me the value of hard work and preparation and the importance of showing up every day, even if you didn't want to. Rep Term was something that really expanded your horizon. You weren't just required to do one thing -- you were required to do everything."

Alicia Vallorini '11
Clinical research assistant for the neurology department, Washington University School of Medicine

Alicia Valorani '11 and Keegan Siebken '11"What I liked best about Rep Term was the bonding experience. It really brought us all close together, and I think it helped make an environment where we were comfortable working together. It allowed us to grow as a group and create better shows in the future because we had that sort of relationship started."

Keegan Siebken '11
Actor, Chicago

"It definitely got me ready for a level of chaos and intensity and deadlines that I haven't seen an equal to in Chicago theatre. No matter what comes at me, I'm ready for it, because something was more intense during Rep Term."

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