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July 25, 2012

Christopher Poore '14 in the WVKC studio.
When people ask me what's going to happen on This Is Where We Live, I like to ask them about the sounds they've heard today in Galesburg, Illinois. There's a soundtrack here, tangled in the air: birds cawing, choirs practicing, lawn mowers zooming by. This show wants to listen to these sounds and tell the stories behind them.

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Episode 2: Taking Care (7/25/12)

It isn't always easy to see the similarities between ourselves and those alumni past who danced the jitterbug, but in this episode of This Is Where We Live, we set out to tell a multi-generational tale of people in the Galesburg community who've tried to make life a little easier for everyone. First, Ella Devenny '23 tackled the city's open sewers. Then we have Lauren Smith '12, whose honors research almost nine decades later set out to understand the social lives of Illinois's terminally ill. You'll also hear the story of Norm '74 and Chris Eik Winick '73 who fell in love because of ballots, newsprint, and a little optimistic insanity.

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Episode 1: Crows (3/30/12)

The first episode ever of This Is Where We Live investigates the crows that roost in Galesburg each winter. Infamous for their droppings and their large numbers, the crows have recently garnered the attention of Kip Canfield at the Galesburg Police Department. He's planning an all-out assault on the crows that will chase them out of town next winter. But two Knox professors -- Jim Mountjoy and Monica Berlin '95 -- aren't so sure that's a good idea. Then there's Kiley Harrison '14, whose relationship with one crow is anything but ordinary.

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