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Check-in, Move-in, Quarantine Information


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Arriving on Campus

We look forward to your arrival for the Fall 2020 term. We have pre-assigned move-in dates and times to allow for physical distancing.  Your assigned move-in date and time can be found on your student portal. You must arrive on your assigned day during your assigned time. 

When you arrive on campus, proceed directly to the Ford Center for the Fine Arts (CFA) parking area off of Brooks Street for a drive-through COVID (nasal swab) test. You will then go on to pick up your residence hall keys. If you are not arriving to campus in a vehicle, walk-up testing will also be available outside CFA. 

Move-in Process

You will be limited to one move-in helper. This will promote physical distancing in hallways, stairwells, and suite areas. Move-in helpers will have their temperatures taken and be screened for any COVID symptoms. Additional guests are permitted to come to campus, but cannot enter the residence halls. You and your guests must wear masks at all times when on campus except when in your private room or when outside and able to maintain at least six feet of physical distance. 

We ask that you unload your belongings and take them to your room within a one-hour period. At the end of this one-hour period, only residents will be permitted in campus housing. Given the current COVID situation, we are asking that you please limit the volume of belongings you bring to campus in case you are required to change rooms or return home during the term.


For the health of our community it is important that you quarantine in your room until you have received a negative test result. While we hope it will take less time, you should anticipate that your initial quarantine could last for at least four days. Initial quarantine means that you are required to remain in your assigned room, except to use the restroom and pick up meals three times a day from a designated outdoor location. You must wear a mask and maintain at least six feet of physical distance whenever you are outside of your own room (both indoors and outdoors).

We will begin in-person classes and group activities once all students have received their first test results and we know that the risk of community transmission has been lowered. To ensure we have test results for all students, classes and activities will be held remotely through September 20. In-person classes and activities will begin on Monday, September 21. This does not change your scheduled arrival date, nor does it change the term’s academic calendar. You will participate remotely from your on- or off-campus residence until September 21. 

If you receive a negative test result prior to September 21, you will participate in modified quarantine until September 21. Modified quarantine means that you can hang out in your own suite/house’s common area as long as you wear a mask and maintain at least six feet of physical distance. You can also get fresh air, walk around campus, engage in recreational activities, and visit with friends outdoors. Until September 21 we ask that you both wear a mask and maintain six feet of physical distance even when gathering outside. 

Here are answers to some questions we expect you might have:

What if my roommate and I have different arrival dates, so our initial quarantines end on different days? 

If Roommate A’s initial quarantine ends before Roommate B’s, Roommate A may move into the modified quarantine phase, moving about campus while adhering to mask and physical distance policies. However, no in-person classes or student activities will be allowed until all students have received their first test results. 

What kind of meals will be available during quarantine? 

During both initial and modified quarantine, students will pick up their meals three times a day from a designated outdoor location. Vegan and meat-based options will be available.

How will I get my mail/packages/textbooks during quarantine? 

We are working on the details of how this will happen, but will make sure you can access essential textbooks and mail during the quarantine period.  

Can I go off campus during quarantine?

Not during initial quarantine. You can travel within Knox County during modified quarantine, as long as you wear a mask and practice appropriate physical distancing. 

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