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Book Cover - Personalized Philanthropy: Crash the Fundraising Matrix: 2nd Edition

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Personalized Philanthropy: Crash the Fundraising Matrix: 2nd Edition

Using a metaphor of an imprisoning Matrix-the typical development office with its goals and deadlines-Steven L. Meyers ’69 artfully and persuasively works through and explains three concepts: virtual endowments, philanthropic equity gifts, and step-up gifts.

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So you want to get an A in Chemistry

Kevin Landgrebe ’80

Kindle books, 2021 “I believe the content may help students taking general chemistry; it gives brief synopsis of topics, chemistry problems with guided solutions, and deeper discussions of topics—all in a colloquial style that I think students will like,” said Landgrebe. Using this book, you’ll feel like you’re having a conversation with your teacher in which you will get plain-language explanations of tough topics.

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Death on the North Rim

Dewey Moore

Outskirts Press, 2019 Moore’s historical fiction novel was inspired by his 1969 rafting trip through the Grand Canyon with Knox students. On the trip, he became aware of a mysterious disappearance of three of John Wesley Powell’s crew members. For the 150th anniversary of Powell’s expedition (2019), Moore used much historical research to come up with his version of what might have happened. This book follows one of the men who wanted to fill the blank spots on the map: George Bradley, a Civil War veteran who joins John Powell and the crew of men who made the first trip through the canyons of the Green and Colorado Rivers. Facing unknown dangers, these men attempt to navigate territory that no American settler has ever seen before.

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Psychology Confidential: A Crazy Professor Tells (almost) All the Adventures and Misadventures of his Life in Psychology

Dr. John Martin ’69

Paper Raven Books, 2021 This text is an opportunity to plunge deep into the world of psychology through the intimate, humorous, and uniquely informed perspective of Martin. In stories, anecdotes, tales, and adventures taken from his own life and career, Martin provides readers with insights on the curious, sometimes crazy, findings and people of psychology, his world travels, and fascinating animal psychology.

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Lessons Learnt: The Story of Young Mai

Alfreda Williams ’69

Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, 2020 Williams' book is a heart-touching novel filled with life-changing realizations that will take the readers to the real-life setting where they can see how the challenges of the main character have taught her life lessons. It is a story about a young girl’s life experiences and lessons learned from them. Williams wrote an extremely honest book, sometimes painful, other times hilariously funny, which closely examines how Mai was affected by her childhood. Through this book, the author aims to give the readers a unique perspective and realization that each problem in life can turn into something great if they take challenges and experiences as lessons in life.