In October 2019, Knox undertook a comprehensive alumni survey. We asked for your input and you made your voices heard with an exceptional response rate of more than 20%! 

The survey investigated such areas as attitudes towards Knox College and a liberal arts education, engagement and communication preferences, and donor motivations.

Many of you told us that you were happy with your decision to attend Knox and that your education prepared you for professional life. At the same time, some of you were less than satisfied with your experience as alumni. This valuable feedback will help shape the future of Alumni Engagement programs.

Respondents broken down by grad year

728 - 1960-1979
473 - 1980-1997
440 - 1998-2008
471 - 2009-2019

Alumni attitudes toward Knox

75% feel very positively about Knox College
69% are likely to recommend Knox to prospective students
25% feel low levels of connection to the College

Knox's Reputation




Staying the same




Don't know

Alumni attitudes toward their education

88% see the value in a liberal arts education
70% feel Knox taught them the skills and knowledge needed for their career

How do alumni engage with Knox?

79% - Read Knox Magazine
65% - Make a gift to Knox
57% - Visit the Knox website
41% - Attend Reunions or Homecoming
40% - Visit campus
33% - Interact with Knox on social media
29% - Recommend a prospective student
29% - Contact faculty/staff from time on campus

How do alumni want to volunteer with the College?

49% - Attend a Knox event in my area
39% - Share my professional expertise and network
28% - Mentor young alumni
28% - Mentor current students
15% - Recruit prospective students

Desired Personal Level of Engagement


Want more engagement


Keep current level of engagement


Want less engagement

Why do alumni give to Knox?

67% - Loyalty to Knox
63% - Desire to give back for all that I learned
49% - Affinity for the areas(s) where I directed gift
46% - Confidence in Knox's leadership
39% - Understanding the impact of a gift

The Office of Alumni Engagement is here to keep you connected to your alma mater. Make sure we have your up-to-date contact information so that we can keep you in the loop about College news, upcoming events, professional and mentorship opportunities, and more. We also invite you to follow us on social media—Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, and YouTube.

We are always listening! If you have any comments, questions, or suggestions, email us at