Our fall academic term is underway and I am excited to witness the coming together of a unique, inquisitive, thoughtful, and resilient group of students, faculty, and staff. As we navigate our first few weeks together, we reconnect and share aspirations with friends and colleagues and embrace the moment to challenge each other and ourselves to journeys of exploration, understanding, improvement, and growth.

I would like to share with all of you what excites me about the upcoming year here at Knox.

I am excited that we welcomed nearly 300 new students. Most of the new student members of our community arrive at Knox after a high school experience significantly impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic. Their high school experience was defined by loss, change, and unpredictability, and yet this class enters with an incredibly strong academic profile. I am excited to see what this incoming class and group of transfer students accomplish during their time here at Knox and to see how they will push us all to be better and stronger.

I am excited that, thanks to a generous anonymous lead donor, we will open a new facility at Green Oaks next year. The opportunities that this new facility will grant for our students, faculty, and community are endless—including new immersive experiences, academic and recreational opportunities, as well as community events.

I am excited that our plan for growth is beginning to produce success that we can all see and embrace. In partnership with our new Vice President for Enrollment and Dean of Admission Nathan Ament and the team he is assembling in Admissions, we are seeing opportunities to grow our incoming classes to levels that will surpass pre-pandemic years.

I am excited that our alumni, parents, and friends continue to show their support and love for Knox through their philanthropy and engagement. Our vision and growth are powered by the support of our Knox family and I am excited to continue to work with all of you to align your passions with our vision to create the greatest impact for Knox.

I am excited that our alumni are using the knowledge and skills they learned here at Knox to create lives of purpose and follow their passions. Eighteen of our young alumni (under 37) are featured in this edition of the magazine, but I know there are thousands more doing equally impressive and inspiring work. We love hearing and sharing your stories, so please, continue to stay in touch.

And finally, I am excited to partner with our local community here in Galesburg to deepen our relationships, increase collaboration, and work together to address challenges and build on opportunities to make positive and sustainable change in our city and on campus.

Knox is and always has been a place of great opportunity, built and maintained through hard work and collaboration. This is who we are, and I’m excited to see where our hard work and collaboration will take us over the next year.

With warmest regards,
C. Andrew McGadney