Photo by Kent Kriegshauser

Jeremy Butler currently holds a position on the board of the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America (IAVA), where he most recently served as CEO. After graduating from Knox, Butler served as a naval officer. He spent several months on active duty both overseas and in the United States and is currently a captain in the Navy Reserves.

Butler is an advocate for our military, our country, and Knox College. He has made it a priority to fight for veterans to ensure they have the assistance they need to thrive.

Why did you choose to attend Knox?

I was made aware of Knox by a family friend who graduated from Knox in 1991. After hearing such great things about the College, it went promptly to the top of my list. Another big draw for me was the lacrosse team. The size of the school was also a major factor; the small classes were really ideal for me.

What inspired you to become an advocate for veterans’ affairs?

When I left active duty and shifted into the navy reserves, I started getting more active in the reserve community. It connected me to a lot of incredible people who struggled once they left active duty. I personally had a smooth transition, but I realized that for many, that wasn’t the case. Whether it was unemployment, lack of insurance, or just not getting the benefits they deserved, I wanted to help.

Life after service can be a struggle and I wanted to be able to help my fellow veterans in need. It resonated so much with me to be able to work with veterans who sacrificed so much to get the resources they earned and deserved as civilians.

What we find with so many post-9/11 veterans is that they joined the military to serve their country but when they get out of their time in the service, they want to continue in a different capacity. Helping them find a way back into that service is so rewarding for me.

Watch a video interview with Jeremy.