Letters to the Editor

Impactful Experiences

I’ve just read your piece on Farm Term. You really conveyed the impact that program had on all of us, and also caught how much we all really liked and admired Dewey and Doug.

One thing you mentioned that I’d forgotten about was the effect meeting with all the local farmers had on us suburban kids. They were largely broken down old Norwegians, with great grit and a droll sense of humor. And all were pretty happy with the lives they had led. So Farm Term readied me to become a lifetime fan of “Prairie Home Companion.”

I would love to see some sort of follow up study of these alternative educational programs. Our system occasionally may track academic “achievement,” but we don’t seem to have any way to quantify the profound impact of these programs on the whole person.

—Steve Axon ’73

Swinging to the Sky

Lenny Greene was the swinger of birches in the Spring 2002 Farm Term article photos—and how high he was up there!!! I LOVE this shot of the farm—how it was when we were there. Rick’s comment about the Farm Term model living on touches me. And I adore Sandy’s quote! I also love the mention of the “Food and Fiber.”

—Kadi Finlayson Meyer ’72

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